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Money? Under a fur-tree in Saratov!

about New year there was all a couple of weeks. But here an ill luck - the main feast of Russians has coincided with the beginning of financial crisis. Than to please relatives: lovely kickshaws or something material, what can support the person a difficult minute? Simply to put denominations in an envelope - not so it is romantic, and temptation to spend money at once at the one to whom you give them, it will be great. In such cases it is better to give money beautifully. In a kind sberknizhki, a gold ingot {let even ma - and - alenkogo!) Or a plastic card.

Sberknizhka to a Christmas table

Unfortunately to choose a financial gift it is necessary without going woolgathering, and pragmatically. The most reliable investment is a bank contribution. The state since December, 1st has increased the size of the insurance under deposits to 700 thousand roubles. It means that if the bank became the client of Agency on insurance of contributions to investors of this financial institution return of deposits and percent on them for the sum to 700 thousand roubles inclusive is guaranteed.

Some banks advertise contributions with the income to 15 - 16 % annual. It is very good income at present - banks seldom lift interest rates above inflation.

But it is better to use the seasonal offer of large, strong standing on the feet bank. The income under such contribution too will be great enough. Disorder of rates under Christmas contributions from 10 to 14 % annual in roubles or from 6 to 9 % in currency.

Unique inconvenience: for quite some time now the legislation forbids to open bills in favour of the third parties without their presence.

Plastic to the bill adhere

And here the plastic card can be issued and without presence of the person to which you are going to give it. It can be made, if you most already have a card bill, and to it to let out an additional map.

Besides some banks make out a plastic card to clients who open the deposit. The map is adhered to the contribution. The size of the sum with which the person can pay off with a plasticity without loss of percent, depends on a bank policy. But usually it does not exceed 25 % from the size of the deposit.

And here to make out a credit card in a gift it is not necessary. It can ugly turn out - the person will not only spend money from a map, but also itself to pay off with bank for this service.

Gold in the price

One more variant - to present favourite and to relatives a gold coin or an ingot. Gold is not subject to financial cataclysms. Crises destroy the whole empires, and eternal values always in the price. But to sell it then and to receive the income, should pass not one year. Because sparkling roubles and tchervonetses usually redeem banks at the population at the price, is considerable below the holiday. But in some years the coin can get not only financial, but also numismatical value. Gold ornaments - rings, chains - quite good gifts by New year, but have a little the general with investments.

to Earn on a gold rise in price it is real only in two ways. The idle time - to buy an ingot. Banks offer yellow bricks on any pocket - from 1 gramme to 1 kg. Except the metal price, the donator will pay 18 % of the VAT. To store an ingot it is necessary carefully. At the repayment of an ingot bankers will subtract for each scratch.

There is a possibility to open a metal bill. The minus of this invention that gold in hands to take will not turn out - the precious metal on the bill is charged virtually when you decide to close the bill, the income to you will pay cash. The bill quotation is adhered to the international prices for gold. Plus bank interest rates under metal abacus 1 - 3 % annual. But there is also obvious plus - it is not necessary to pay in the VAT.

As well as in a case with the usual deposit to open gold the bill in favour of native or the loved one - to invite him in bank together with itself, or to secure with its notarial power of attorney.