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In lycee of Ekaterinburg the roof

Lycee 88 has not fallen nearly is in the city centre, on Lenin`s prospectus. The building old, capital repairs did not see 50 years. In the beginning of academic year almost 700 lyceum students have sat down for school desks, but from - for dry weathers at once anybody and has not noticed that in a roof the big hole gapes.

- from - for proceeding the base began to settle roofs non-uniformly. It can lead to its collapse. Besides, on separate sites of a roof there was no roofing covering, therefore became wet, wooden designs of an attic and the fourth floor of a building became covered by ice. Evacuation ladders are broken and keep on wire armature. Engineering and vodozapornye systems are in an emergency status, - have informed us in a press - service of regional Office of Public Prosecutor.
parents of lyceum students have written the application in Office of Public Prosecutor. And check has confirmed all complaints. Then the court of the Kirov area has ordered to repair quickly at least a roof.

- Repair has begun yesterday, - has told the director of lycee Tatyana KRUPKINA. - it will end already on January, 11th. And next day after winter vacation all children will be engaged again in this building. Now pupils 10 - 11 classes are engaged at school 37, through road, and the others are translated in the second case of our lycee. We stand in the long-term city plan for reconstruction. By March of the next year the estimate will be definitively ready. That is the building will be reconstructed, and will be made attach. And on a broader scale, such could occur to any school.