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The main Kuban Father Frost: « I have a helicopter and 20 000 square metres of habitation »

Now at Father Frost vseja Kuban very intense period. He congratulates every day children on a feast, prepares for them gifts, goes on visitors. So home gets only late at night. But, despite it, the main wizard of edge   has found hour or so to come into our press - the centre and to respond to phone calls of our readers.

the Snow Maiden has married

- Hallo! Hello! My name is Svetlana. Father Frost, and you communicate with the colleagues on shop from other cities of edge?

- Certainly! Every year in the middle of December all Fathers Frost and the Snow Maidens from different corners of Kuban come to Krasnodar. Specially for them I take the master - a class. I train in their New Year`s knowledge, I play, I sing and I study together with them verses and riddles.  

- the Grandfather, and at you the Snow Maiden a constant or you change them every year, how gloves?

- Unfortunately to have to change (it is sad sighs). Though some years successively I worked with the same Snow Maiden, but she has married and has left to Moscow. Here now I search to myself for grand daughters every year.

- And the wife at you is?

- And as! It at me the actress, but with me on feasts does not go. Is at home.

- Hello! Me Valery call, I from Krasnodar! Literally one of these days has read in one magazine that our ancestors - slavs did not wait for gifts from Father Frost earlier, and him congratulated, prepared gifts. A pier, thus they cajoled the old man that the winter was not too fierce. Tell, and here you want to receive what gift for New year? And on a broader scale, the Krasnodar Father Frost has a dream?

- I dream only of one: That all children were happy and healthy, that they loved the parents and lives rejoiced. Here it for me the biggest gift in life.

- Well and something from material benefits? For example, up-to-date high-speed sledge?

- Yes at me all is! And sledge, and oleni teams, and even own helicopter.

- Anything to itself! Perhaps, then also a country house where - nibud on the North Pole?

- It`s nothing! The private residence at me already is.

- Yes you that! And where?

- On peninsula Yamal.

- Anything to itself! And it is a lot of in your house of rooms?

- One and very big.

- And the Snow Maiden with you together lives?

- Yes!

- you with it huddle in one room?

-   So at me a room huge. It is more than 20 000 square metres.

- And how you the Snow Maiden - that find in such big room?

- We with the grand daughter each other feel, we will never be lost.

I do not execute the Striptease

- Hallo! Hello, it is Father Frost?

- Yes! It!

- you are called by Vladimir from Krasnodar. Tell, please, and it is possible to call on Father Frost house and the Snow Maiden - striptizerov?

- Yes, Vladimir, well and a question you to me have set! Personally I do not go at all on houses. I work only on morning performances and on the main Krasnodar fur-tree. That to other Frosts and the Snow Maidens today in a city the weight of agencies which are engaged in it works. But a leah they to you will dance a striptease or not, precisely I will not tell.

- it is clear. I will then ring round.

- Father Frost, greetings! Julja calls to you. I want to invite home for the three-year daughter the Snow Maiden with Father Frost. But the matter is that she already at this age has ceased to believe in them. Advise how to be? How to make so that the daughter has believed in a fairy tale?

- And you result it in me. She will look at me, will talk to me and will believe necessarily.

- And where to go and when?

- From December, 20 till December, 24th I will work at musical theatre on New Year`s imagination . And from December, 26th till January, 10th I will start to congratulate children in the Palace of arts the Premiere that on HBK.   Necessarily result the daughter, we will communicate to it, I will congratulate her happy New Year. I will open to you a secret, to me absolutely big children whom on 12 - 13 years, touch my beard come, take for a hand, look in eyes and speak: Here you are the present Father Frost! And at us at school was artificial .

- I at first wanted to invite Father Frost home, but as - that strashnovato. Acquaintances told that to them absolutely not trained Fathers Frost came, jeans it is visible from - under a suit, and the nose was by itself reddened...

- Now many Fathers Frost, unfortunately, have divorced, I them name potboilers. In nowise spontaneously do not invite to itself in the house anybody. Before Father Frost with the grand daughter will come to you, necessarily get acquainted with them, take an interest, whence they, a leah worked as New Year`s wizards earlier. That at them for a suit and what program of dialogue with the child. I to you will fairly tell, if the Grandfather unimportant, it takes roubles 200 - 300. From such it is better to steer clear. To your kid it for certain will spoil a feast. After all the child is difficult for deceiving.

- Well then is better I will lead the daughter to you. Here it will be happy!

- Necessarily result. With a feast coming you!

- Thanks! And you too!

I Come back in a log hut after midnight

- Hallo! He is Father Frost?

- Yes!

- My name is Anna Ivanovna. It is very glad that could phone on the Direct line . First of all I want to congratulate you with coming New year! Tell, and what`s your occupation in the summer?

- in the Summer I leave on the North in the log hut. There I prepare gifts to kiddies, and then I result them to Krasnodar and I give to children.

- Father Frost, and you on korporativam - that go?

- Is not present. I work much: in the Palace of arts THAT the Premiere at me on four - five fur-trees in day. I come back in the log hut only after midnight.

- Hi the Grandfather the Frost! Polina call me!

- Greetings, washing the good!

- the Grandfather, and you have received my letter?

- Certainly, has received! I all letters which to me come, necessarily read and I try to respond to them. And here those children who well conduct itself within a year and are written to me by beautiful letters, I invite to myself to a fur-tree in the Palace of arts the Premiere . And there I to all children   I give gifts. I and you, the Polynight, have prepared a gift. So wait for it on New Year`s Eve under a fur-tree.

- Oh, thanks!

- And how much to thy Snow Maiden of years?

- Sixteen! The very young grand daughter at me and very beautiful.

- the Grandfather the Frost, I will wait for a gift. Thanks you big. Good-bye!

- While, Polinushka!