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last week in Railway area have once again disconnected heating and hot water. An explanation one - we do not pay. It is convenient to hold the population of the whole area in hostages. Thanks for care of people. Father Frost, present to us a latch!

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On all area VAI ezhenochno and daily burn musorki. We choke!!!

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That it is necessary to make, that in Voronezh has passed Fathers Frost congress?

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That with 56 - m a route? From Shishkov it is impossible to leave!


I Want to thank all who has adjusted work of a minibus 19. Many thanks.


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Tell, when the centres in which it is possible to issue a grant for housing and communal services fee will open?

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the Centers will begin the work, most likely, after New Year`s feasts, - Nikolay KALUGIN tells , a press - the secretary of central administrative board of social development of the Voronezh region . - will operate At first six points - on one in each area. In the long term their number should increase considerably.