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Edward Rossel: - 2009 will be the heaviest

After long summarising of year (the governor, however, has as much as possible reduced the list of achievements) Edward Ergartovich has stopped on a subject of a forthcoming monetization of transport privileges.

- under the federal law 2008 - last year when we could work under the law of the subject of the Russian Federation. Since January, 1st, 2009 all subjects of the Russian Federation should pass to a monetization. It is the law which we should carry out. We will not execute - there will be a litigation.

Besides, Rossel has reminded that with transition to a monetization of the grant to transport will receive 700 thousand countrymen which before did not receive them.
- I think, it is better to have money in hands and to dispose of them at own discretion, - the governor has noticed.

it has not turned out to bypass and a crisis subject. According to Edward Rossel, the budget of Sverdlovsk area for 2009 very optimistical . Leah but it will be executed - will show only first quarter results.

- in January, February and March we will trace all financial streams. Sharp movements we will not do. I think, in the second quarter some positive dynamics will go - should go. For all economists, lawyers it will be a huge material for development of recommendations that it has not repeated any more. But that 2009 will be the heaviest, is the fact. I never in life thought that I should overcome one more uneasy period in life of Sverdlovsk area, - Rossel admitted to journalists. - we have worried 90 - e years when there was a rationing system, and left it with valour and quickly. We have worried 98 - j year, and growth was very sharp. Following the results of nine months we have growth of 107,6 %. But owing to that we - strong area and at us very large enterprises, - on us and blow has had very strong.

Well, and, as always, on the threshold of the most important feast, Edward Ergartovich has complained what to have a rest before commemorating, most likely, it will not turn out. Such is a governor`s share.

- new year at me always same, in the bosom of the family. - he has told. - It is necessary to work very long. Almost already old year comes to an end, and I on work. Hardly - hardly I have time to drink a wine-glass for old year - and there and then the second I pour for the new.