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On public transport in Smolensk have forbidden to place advertising

Since 2009 advertising on public transport it is forbidden! So have solved in the mayoralty. Today it declared at weekly meeting with heads of the municipal enterprises.
Vitse - mayor Vladimir Kolpakov has charged to a management of a municipal government of culture to think over and submit till January, 1st a city management the concept of visual aids on stories of Smolensk which can be placed on public transport. So the city management is going to prepare townsmen for round date - 1150 - letiju Smolensk. This anniversary will note a city in 2013.
for tramvajno - the trolleybus enterprise (MU TTP) and agency Advertising - a trance which is engaged in advertising placing, the statement vitse - the mayor became a surprise. Pleasant or unpleasant - to tell difficult. Neither mayoralty plans are unknown to the head of MU TTP, nor the director of agency. Why such decision was accepted - they too do not know.
- We are guided by the federal law About advertising and we break nothing, - the director of agency " is perplexed; Advertising - a trance - us nobody has warned how to arrive with advertisers and so on.
the Chief of tram park Sergey Solopov makes a helpless gesture: We receive though also small, but money for advertising placing on transport. And they superfluous never happen .
Who will pay for social advertising on transport, vitse - mayor Kolpakov has not specified.