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Leah can make pension 900 roubles?

an old-age pension to me have appointed in 2003. The general experience of my work makes 26 years, and I receive only 894 roubles of 45 copecks. How have counted up this sum?

Ljubov Dontsova, Samara.

In a press - to service of the Pension fund to us have responded that with 1. 01. 2002 of pension in Russia are established according to the Federal law on labour pensions in the Russian Federation .

the Size of pension depends from     durations     the seniority, size of earnings of the pensioner accepted for charge of pension, and, except that, the sum   insurance payments   in the Russian Pension fund     after 1. 01. 2002.

the Pension consists   from two parts:   base and insurance. And, base     a pension part     It is established in the firm sum, but its size is indexed taking into account inflation. And insurance, mobile a pension part     it is defined     depending on     the pension capital (that is the pension rights of the insured person got about 1,01. 2002 and   a total sum of insurance payments in the Pension fund for   this person   after 1. 01. 2002). Materials of pension business of the reader have attentively checked up and according to documents, the pension is established and paid to the woman correctly, according to the law.

How to receive money instead of the car?

- In 2003 I became the invalid of the first group. At that time to invalids and veterans of war gave out cars. I have tried to rise in turn, but have refused from - for states of health (I could not drive a car independently). On the TV often say that now it is possible to choose most - either the car, or indemnification. A leah I can receive now money?

Sofina Elena Nikolaevna.

According to the decision of the Russian government receive the car the person who was registered in social protection bodies (that is in turn on the car) till January, 1st, 2005 on the basis of medical indications can only. In 2008 under the Decree of the President about some measures of social support of invalids free legkovushki or monetary indemnification in 100 thousand roubles will receive:

- invalids of the Great Patriotic War;

- invalids of operations;

- participants of the Great Patriotic War, which steels invalids owing to the general disease, a labour mutilation or other reasons

- invalids from among the former minor prisoners of fascism.

In the following 2009 under the same decree cars or monetary indemnifications will be received by the citizens who have become by invalids from - for radiation influences, and also invalids from among rehabilitated.

And here invalids on the general disease, a labour mutilation silt to other reasons, invalids since the childhood and children - invalids instead of the car will receive money - the same of 100 thousand roubles. But it is possible only in the event that they have risen on turn till January, 1st, 2005. Indemnification to them will pay till April, 1st, 2009.

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