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Film Attempt at Khruschev removed in Novorossisk

the Present espionage passions were played   by the ship - a museum Michael Kutuzov   which otshvartovan at marina in Novorossisk. A TV channel film crew Russia has arrived to a hero town to finish shootings of a film with the working name Attempt at Khruschev which televiewers can already see in January of next year.   in a film plot real events of April, 1956 when the world has appeared on the verge of espionage scandal have laid down. The essence consists that the fighting swimmer of Naval Forces of Great Britain,   the expert of diving diversionary operations Lajonel Phillip Kenneth Krebb has decided to attach to the cruiser bottom Ordzhonikidze on which there was a secretary general during the visit to England, a delayed action mine.   However, thanks to our security officers operation is not has gone right, and the diver - the executor was lost under mysterious circumstances.

Work over   a film have begun in the beginning of summer, and here when there was a question on shootings on a cruiser Ordzhonikidze the director - director Boris Yanovsky   has become thoughtful. From the cruisers similar to it, remained only Michael Kutuzov . Here the film crew to Novorossisk also has decided to jerk to recreate historical events.

- Were prepared a film crew thoroughly, - has told the assistant to the commander Novorossisk military - sea base on information support Andrey TARAMAN. - They even have redeemed at world famous company Bi - Bi - Si the chronicle of those events.

On a plot of a film seamen should lift on a vessel Soviet military - a sea flag of those years. Only here where to take - that a relic? On a vessel that it has not appeared.

- the Scene lasted some minutes, and a flag searched for a floor of day, - Andrey Taraman remembers. - Have found it   in a local museum.    

Well and a leading role of the expert of diving diversionary operations the Moscow diver Ruslan Tchernyshev has executed.

- As real events occurred at night also the film crew worked in a night-time, - Andrey Taraman tells. - With Ruslanom in ice water the operator with the diving chamber went down.

the film crew has brought the Mine with itself. Have made it of a tree and have covered serebrjankoj. And to it have attached the big magnet that strong kept on the vessel case. It has turned out very much even it is realistic.

And in day of the beginning of shootings in the sea have found out an oil spillage. Oil has poured out from passing suden.   And to command structure Michael Kutuzov from - for it continually it was necessary to distract. Shootings have detained.

By the way, all crew Kutuzov it was lighted in a picture.   children have played a role of the third plan, ran on a vessel, representing protection. And the director so liked game novorossijtsev that it even it has given a mine as a keepsake about shootings.