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The Ulyanovsk governor will get the blog in LiveJournal

the Unexpected announcement the Ulyanovsk governor Sergey Morozov has made one of these days. He has informed that from the beginning of next year will keep on the Internet an electronic diary.

is there will be a next step to a mutual openness between me and a society, - Sergey Ivanovich has explained. - I Recommend also to other members of the government to think of opening on LiveJournal the blogs.

to Train for a new profession in the advanced user Frosts has solved not casually. Last week on one of the Internet - portals there was an information that the governor of the Perm edge Oleg Chirkunov has active conversation with inhabitants of region in the electronic diary http:// chirkunovoleg. livejournal. com/. Here he tells about the work, hangs out ratings, answers questions. Local journalists have grasped this subject, and have started to argue: Leah it is necessary also to our head of region to leave in a World Wide Web. Opinions were divided. So, for example, the user disappearing under anybody of the Beads, considers that Morozovu has nothing to do in ZHZH. The pier, works at it the car both the small cart, and time for such nonsense at it hardly will be. Others, on the contrary, are assured that dialogue with the people in a network will do Sergey Ivanovichu good. From such dialogue it is possible to receive a lot of interesting and useful. The third assert that if the person has time to stick out in an Internet it can is hardly qualitative perform the direct work.

- that Sergey Ivanovich planned to get an electronic diary, I did not hear earlier, - have explained the head a press - services of the governor and the government Natalia MARTYNOVA. - Certainly, the person it occupied, but, I am assured, time has made the decision can find possibility to write to the blog. To answer questions and requests of people, will be, certainly.

By the way, anything surprising that Frosts has decided to communicate on the Internet, no. Throughout last years in ZHZH left eks - the leader of Union of Right Forces Nikita Belyh and its co-worker Leonid Gozman, and also one of leaders of movement Solidarity Boris Nemtsov, the chairman of Democratic party of Russia Andrey Bogdanov and head Civil force Michael Barshchevsky. Is the diary and the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. And on a site http:// www. kremlin. ru/ the video blog of the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev functions.

local politicians too have an experience the Internet - dialogue. On specially created site http:// simcat. ru/ officials leave the fasts with reflexions about culture, economy, region development. To comment on statements of the first persons of a city and area, it is natural within the limits of decency, all interested persons can.