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the Tram of desires have decorated, as a fur-tree

Petersburgers compete in speed dostavanija from the pockets of mobile phones and cameras. Want to have time to photograph for memory an unusual show: a New Year`s tram. From top to bottom it is decorated by dark blue and yellow shone bulbs. In the evening and looks very effectively at night!

is ours the Tram of desires - the deputy director on shots and State Unitary Enterprise social problems

" tells; Gorelektrotrans Ekaterina KOVALEVA. - We let out it for the first time. So we want to congratulate townspeople happy New Year. For the first time ours the Tram of desires has left on a route on Saturday. We have shown it to the governor. Since the today, all New Year`s vacation it will leave on a route regular. By a tram we are going to roll children.

Ekaterina Kovaleva has told what get on an unusual vehicle children of employees

" can only; Gorelektrotransa . Kids from sponsored children`s home and boarding school will go for a drive Then in it.

the Photo: Marina VLASOVA

- By rules in a tram it is possible to go only sitting, - Tatyana Kovaleva makes a helpless gesture. - And places in it practically nothing - 36. But only at our employees - two thousand children. To take for a drive all interested persons, the tram should work till next New year! Our office and so have already filled up with faxes from the different enterprises. To drive on the Tram of desires Many want.

In Gorelektrotranse have decided that the tram necessarily leaves on a route on a New Year`s eve. To sweep on it free of charge all interested persons can. At least, those who will get into salon.


the Illuminating tram became one more of income sources Gorelektrotransa . It, it appears, it is possible to rent. Unusual service costs 12 thousand roubles in an hour. To rent trams costs more cheaply - 5 - 7 thousand roubles at an o`clock is easier.

the Photo: Marina VLASOVA