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Children are afraid Christina Orbakajte

One of these days the doors for spectators has opened new shestizalnyj a movie centre kinomaks on 1170 spectator places in shopping centre Altair on the Leningrad prospectus. Its management has brought to a city not only a family comedy Love - carrots - 2 but also its stars. However, to Gosha Kutsenko and Christina Orbakajte the busy schedule has not allowed to arrive. But their cine children 13 - letnimj Denis Paramonov and 11 - summer Alina Bulynko (with which, on a plot, protagonists changed bodies) have told about the star parents.

-   In the beginning when I have seen Christina, I very much was frightened, - Alina remembers. - It would be desirable to escape and all.

And Denis admitted that it was in full shock, when in the casting ending   Orbakajte a phrase from the scenario " should shout; And you, my wife, mother of my children, think, what I the thief?

Denis Paramonov precisely knows that becomes the actor.

-   I thought that Kutsenko is always dressed in a business suit, with a case and in points, - Denis remembers. - and it has appeared that it goes in a T-shirt and jeans! And it such idle time has appeared, completely not star. When Gosha rehearsed any scene, he asked, as though I of have moved. I at once   began to name it on you . And here with Christina till now on you .

This film any more the first in career of both children - Alina has acted in film in 12 tapes ( Business about Dead souls And all - taki I love Dark blue nights ), Denis   in a film the Rainbow and two serials ( Love on a knife edge and the Law and an order ). Shootings do not disturb to study. Alina in breaks between doubles does homework, and Denis if, by its own recognition, is not lazy, studies on four and five. Schoolmates stick to them with a question: And how much to you have paid? . Here 6 simply shrug shoulders. For them it is a secret, exact figures know mums.

By the way, to the producer of a film Alexander Kotelevsky the offer recently has arrived - to remove Love - Carrots - 3 . Authors already have ideas. It is necessary to find money for the project and to receive the consent to shootings from Gosha and Christina. For Denis and Alina of roles it is not provided yet.