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In Novgorod take down a monument of Makarevicha

we Will tell at once: a column - not a monument to the leader of group the Time machine . Though Andrey Makarevich has the most direct relation to a building of the Novgorod regional theatre at which this

42 - metre stela and costs. In the end of 70 - h years of the last century it, the graduate of architectural institute, worked in Moscow design Hyprotheatre under the direction of known Soviet architect Vladimir Somova. And this institute then projected a complex of the Novgorod dramatic theatre.

- I drew arch windows on a building, - admitted to us one of interview of Makarevich.

But novgorodtsy a name well-known the machinist named not windows, and a column. And if the original building eventually already became habitual stela all these years were called by many questions. And it is not clear, this architectural object what for has been thought up. Say that theatrical masks, but builders, probably above should settle down, on them have saved.

- On this column all architectural ensemble was fastened, - theatre director Victor NAZAROV has expressed the opinion. - another matter that it is incorrectly put and not so is turned.

But most of all this unusual object drew adventurouses. The design stely allowed them to get without special work to the very top. And sigat therefrom downwards. Some even thus committed suicide. But to take down a monument have solved not therefore.

- Stelu recognised as emergency, - Victor Nazarov has told to us. - ferro-concrete modules of which it is made, have rusted. The column has a little deviated a vertical and poses real threat to all who comes to theatre.

Dismantle columns of Makarevicha will manage to a city in 1 million 190 thousand roubles. For its this sum one Petersburg firm about New year has agreed to take down. Now around stely a spadework is conducted.

- I consider that it is necessary to declare new competition in the spring to improve territory and to establish on a place disassembled stely something another, - the theatre director has added.