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The mayor of Yaroslavl is ready to co-operate with the investigation

the Legal investigation about road accident with participation of the mayor of Yaroslavl was braked. The consequence still has no results is judicial - medical examination. Also there is no information and on Victor Volonchunasa`s state of health. The mayor is in Moscow the centre of vascular surgery it. Bakuleva. Its diagnosis is specified till now.

we Will remind that on December, 10th about eleven evenings on a line of Tunoshna - Burmakino has occurred failure: Victor Volonchunasa`s car has brought down the inhabitant of local village Ljutovo 57 - summer Alexander Smolkova. Then the mayor has been delivered in 5 - ju hospital, and then, in connection with deterioration of a state of health, is transported to Moscow (details read in a subject road accident near Yaroslavl: the Mayor has to death brought down the person ).

- In the answer to our inquiry in the capital centre of Bakuleva it is said that Victor Volonchunas can co-operate with the investigation, but within a hospital, - the chief of investigatory department of investigatory management of the Department of Internal Affairs Andrey Trushin informs.

Employees of the Department of Internal Affairs wait for the mayor in Yaroslavl for carrying out of investigatory actions on a road accident place. Andrey Trushin hopes that time of abiding of Victor Volonchunasa in the Moscow hospital will not exceed a term of investigation (that is two months). If it nevertheless   happens, the head of investigatory action has the right to prolong term about one year.