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As in Perm our grandmothers and grandfathers

celebrated New year It now New year associates at each of us with the celebratory television message of the president to Russians, salad olive and deafening salute. And how celebrated earlier, without fight of the Kremlin chiming clock, without Maxim Galkin and on a broader scale - without the TV?

the Proud Soviet toy - a dirigible balloon.

Idlers oblaivali dogs

In the end of a XIX-th century, even before revolution, the Perm townspeople liked to mark New year drivings on horses. There was all it in the street Siberian. Under stories of the known Perm historian - regional specialist Vladimir Verholantseva, most The prosperous went for a drive on the trotters harnessed in the Kazan sledge with the bear blanket.

Strangely enough, in Soviet period except revolution symbols on a calendar printed zodiac signs.
And here philanderers and gentlemen, having caught sight in sledge of the familiar lady, jumped on a back, greeted, congratulated the girl, and having had a good long talk, came off on snow and jumped to another. The youth went to a Christmas-tide on houses of acquaintances and danced endlessly a quadrille under an accordion, played forfeits, and sometimes played gang of robbers .





the area before the Palace it was the Favourite place of New Year`s walks permjakov always. Sverdlova. Here always erected the most monumental snow sculptures!

To 60 - h years of a XIX-th century in streets were not any illumination, and even in a feast the city sank in the dark. For the night each inhabitant unchained a dog, and any movement in a city called frantic dog bark.







On a fur-tree feast in the Palace it. Sverdlova the long turn from children was always built. Yes children then were very much cultural urns!

Permjaki went to meet New year to each other on a visit. Men played cards, and women adored to gossip for a while about children, dresses and servants. However more often inhabitants of Perm celebrated New year nevertheless houses. Pelmeni were the most important dish of a festive table. The day before from each house it was possible to hear knock sechek about wooden troughs. And poor men moulded a favourite dish at least from brjushiny (inedible parts of the hulk) and their fur-trees in soup, then boiled and, at last, the fried. And here that are richer, presumed to itself geese, pigs, hazel grouses, fish pies.

the Soviet boys for New year dressed up zajchikami, and girls - snowflakes.

all city gossiped About fur-trees with garlands

In the XX-th century, after the war, the area before the Palace it became a favourite place of walks permjakov. Sverdlova (it captured Germans have constructed). Huge hills and snow sculptures built every year - the snow blessing always sufficed. The New Year`s post-war table permjakov did not differ a special variety. Women baked pies, pies, buns, strewing their powder from the sugar carefully ground in a mortar. The same as and in the last century, the table main course there were pelmeni.

Even in heavy military 1942 in Molotove the celebratory newspaper with verses and chastooshkas for a raising of moral spirit of townspeople has been let out.

Celebratory fur-trees in a recreation centre of Sverdlova and Lenin`s recreation centre were spent all New Year`s vacation, on three fur-trees in day. After representation children received gifts, and to get on a fur-tree to a palace there were happiness, parents tickets there got .

the Plot of Christmas cards children similar to angels were more often.

- I Remember, the father came home happy - a fur-tree to daughters has got, - Petrov`s Belief, already the pensioner remembers. - and we decorated its snowflakes from a foil and cotton wool, suspended cotton wool slices on threads to a ceiling - it turned out a snowfall . Rooms were small, many lived with podseleniem, and the fur-tree occupied half of free space. Parents suited fur-trees for children at home.

And it is a pre-revolutionary variant modern lunno - a sowing calendar - a field Calendar .

to Celebrate New year during post-war time have begun widely enough. Morning performances spent in kindergartens and schools, truth, at poverty of that time gifts for children were not a couple today`s.

- Acceptable after all then was nothing: if you will find under a fur-tree apples and a few sweets - and that happiness, - pensioner Valery Vasilev remembers. - On New Year`s morning performances then game when blindfolded children was the most popular, scissors and if you will cut off from a string a candy - you the hero yielded! And the house where a fur-tree it was possible to parents to decorate with electric garlands was the higher glamour, about this family in district gossiped - a pier, at Sidorovyh now a blinking fur-tree. Adults, having laid us, malyshnju, to sleep, gathered behind a table.

For manufacturing of pre-revolutionary fur-tree toys which were made in the first artels, used cotton wool, covered with its starched solution and tinted.
At us in the house happened the person on twenty visitors. Then after all the TV was not, on all company   pair of bottles of the wine, any vodka - and fun on is all night long provided. Adults told something, sang to the guitar... Eh, times were!

Material is prepared with the assistance of employees GKU the State archive the Perm edge .

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