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Thieves - the sweet teeth umyknuli at DDT a superguitar

- It has turned out, as in a joke: for five minutes has come into shop - have stolen from a luggage carrier a guitar. And good-bye, - the bass - the guitarist of glorified group DDT Boris`s Paul tries to joke gloomily. - and it is very dexterous: have disconnected the alarm system, and then as it seemed to me, again have included. Professionals

Together with a guitar of the thief worked have pulled out all from salon that could: points, drums. Have taken even a chocolate!

But most of all Paul is distressed from - for the exclusive tool Foder .

- At me it is a lot of guitars, and all of them - good tools. But this is the most favourite, - Paul explains. - know, there are girl-friends, and there is a wife. And so this guitar for me as the wife. It not simply piece of a tree, and my way of dialogue with the world, possibility to express the essence. We just prepare the new program with group, and this guitar was under it it is ground . And on a broader scale, I without it as without a hand or a foot. All hope that it will be. On a broader scale its that day should not be with me! I took it casually so it has turned out

For the sake of a guitar Paul even has agreed to give the mobile in the newspaper: +7 - 921 - 309 - 39 - 62

the Gone guitar actually is exclusively made under the individual order in one small firm in America. In Russia such tools are not present precisely more. The guitar is stuck together from several breeds of wood: a black ash-tree, and top a deck - from tigrovogo a maple with proveins of pink colour and nacreous incrustation in the form of the butterfly. Also the guitar is a bit longer, than usual, and the original form.

So to mix tools it is impossible and to sell it on - silent at thieves it will not turn out. Any will understand at once that it is a thing very unusual.

Paul has found out Theft in 18. 20 on Saturday. At once has called in militia. And next 6 hours has spent in a society of detectives and criminalists - experts. Inspectors listened to story about a guitar with interest. Have told that will search.

As for thieves it is business, the musician is ready to offer them of money for guitar return. But, of course, within limits, as the owner far not the millionaire.