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Nikolay PANTELEMONOV: It is necessary to save calmness and good mood

is interested at known and dear Barnaul citizens that the pleasant and joyful happens in their life in leaving year and for that they wait from coming 2009.

Nikolay PANTELEMONOV, the astrofuturologist:

- this year my daughter - the fourth-grader began to be engaged in basketball. It is good. I help it to develop in harmonies with stars. And they say that the girl should develop logic, to do on it an emphasis. So toys I buy the corresponding.

Our fellow countryman Evgenie Bedarev has shot a good lung of film. I traced destiny of this film since spring. Not as the astrologist, and is faster, as the future spectator. And here that name crisis, is even business not 2008: actually, preconditions were earlier. But it at all crisis, but only a vain sensation.

Both as the astrologist and as the citizen I can tell that it is necessary to save calmness and good mood. All at us will be good, and to all of us new year will bring happiness and good luck. Personally for myself I plan for 2009 more than good productive leisure: Mountain Altai, a bath, sports. That the soul rejoiced, it is necessary for more time to spend near to the nature.