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In Rostov have shown cats for 45 thousand roubles

In a past week-end in the Rostov Palace of sports at an exhibition the Winter cat cats and kitties of Southern federal district flaunted in New Year`s dresses.

owners have brought The favourites to Rostov from Novorossisk, Krasnodar and Sochi. Wishing to show at an exhibition of the international class of the pupils it was typed more than 150 persons.

- I kotjara belongs to the largest breed of house cats in the world - mejnkun, - the participant of an exhibition from Sochi Oleg Kulbatsky tells . - In good mood it weighs 10 - 12 kgs. However, now he is stirred - cats near our house arrange weddings every day, and to it with them it is impossible to walk. From - for it the boy has grown thin for two kgs.

Besides obvious applicants for a rank of the biggest cat of an exhibition there were also what advantages are concluded not in weight.

So, small cat Kajra of breed the American curl unique in Rostov has curled ears. There is such beauty of 45 thousand roubles.

- We have brought it from Ukraine. I have fallen in love at once with the unusual form of ears, - the mistress of a kitty Marina Osijan speaks . - In leaving it is unpretentious - eats everything, up to macaroni, but most of all loves a boiled chicken.

Judges examine potential nominees almost as doctors - very thoroughly. Look the photo report.

And still, besides heavy and expensive representatives of family cat`s, at an exhibition there were also unusual breeds, as, for example, kornish - reks.

- to Kittens of all for three months, they are interesting to that wool at them curly, - is told by the mistress of unusual cats from Krasnodar Olga Erotykina . - And after time they become similar on bald Canadian sphinxes.

there Is such unique person of an order of 20 thousand roubles. Wishing to get udrjavogo a kitten though take away - rostovchan has interested nobychnaja sheep wool.