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The Stavropol foresters protect fur-trees day and night

On a round-the-clock operation mode foresters have passed in the beginning of December. That citizens did not have a temptation to go behind a fur-tree in a forest area, instead of on the market, in places where coniferous trees grow, there were Prenew Year`s fasts of protection. Besides, forest wardens constantly patrol the possession. Such strengthened mode will last till the end of New Year`s feasts. Though last years special incidents in Stavropol le - sah were not, but forest wardens to weaken vigilance do not intend, as they say, God helps those who help.

- Coniferous files on Stavropol Territory are concentrated basically to territory of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, - Oksana Starikova, a press - the secretary of the ministry of natural resources and preservation of the environment speaks. - our corner of the world concerns to malolesistym to territories - the wood fund occupies only 1,5 % from a total area of Stavropol Territory. And coniferous woods are appreciated by that they are one of primary factors which form a climate of this region. Therefore and woods are not intended for industrial or other preparations.

For illegal cabin to the infringer threatens not only administrative, but also a criminal liability. For example, if the person has autocratically cut down one tree in height to metre he should pay the penalty - 5 thousand roubles - and to indemnify the caused loss. And for destruction of two and more coniferous trees the criminal liability threatens already. Forest wardens not only protect green beauties, they go to spot-checks together with representatives of administration and militiamen. In Kislovodsk have already closed four New Year`s markets where traded in pines without documents. From sale have withdrawn 500 trees, and sellers have fined.


In Stavropol fur-tree markets on which with might and main trade in coniferous trees have already opened.

the Blue spruce - from 1000 rbl. * (for metre)

the Fir Caucasian - from 300 rbl.

the Pine Crimean - from 200 rbl.  

And At this time

the Fur-tree in Vladikavkaz have decorated with safe toys

And branches have impregnated with fire-prevention structure    

15 - the metre artificial fur-tree has decorated a main square of Vladikavkaz - Freedom area. The New Year`s beauty about 6 tons weighs. And this year it will be not present, but artificial. According to the city authorities, such   the fur-tree looks more elegantly. But the most important thing - it more safe.

- Before to establish the New Year`s beauty, we have subjected to its special fire-prevention processing, - have told in the mayoralty of Vladikavkaz. - that not one   The casual petard or the rocket could not set fire to the main New Year`s tree of our republic. Even the dress for the New Year`s beauty have picked up the safe. Have decorated a fur-tree basically with a tinsel both unbreakable silver and golden spheres that splinters, God forbid that happen, did not injure people.

Will light the fires   the main republican fur-tree of 27 numbers. Action will be   to pass in presence of many thousands crowd of spectators. To public will show an unusual animal - ligra (a hybrid of a lion and a tigress) which will bring to capital of republic circus   Maksimus .

Besides, on city streets have appeared inflatable 15 - metre Fathers Frost. In a word, mood at inhabitants of Vladikavkaz quite celebratory.