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Sergey ZOLOTARYOV: I Wish all adequately and lost-free to pass hard times

is interested at known and dear Barnaul citizens that the pleasant and joyful happens in their life in leaving year and for that they wait from coming 2009.

Sergey ZOLOTARYOV, the rector of the Altay state agrarian university:

- the February All-Russia rural descent became the Focal point of the expiring year for our university, of course. AltGAU has spent five round tables On the most actual agricultural problems, participated in preparation of a descent and its organisation so the Ministry of Agriculture with us it was very happy.

In 2008 - m we have finished building of one more case in the street Merzlikina where we has settled down gidrofak. This building was under construction twenty years, therefore its opening became for us almost long-awaited execution of treasured dream. The new case became a gift to birthday gidrofaka - this year to it was executed twenty five years. By the way, anniversary has noted also all university: on December, 3rd we have officially passed 65 - a summer boundary.

the Next year will be difficult for AltGAU: we should pass certification and confirm that a university rank we carry deservedly. I want to wish both to teachers, and students adequately and lost-free to pass hard times, constantly to be perfected in the chosen trade and to reach new heights in study.