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The prices on the autocitizen will lift on 30 %?

On motorists the next reform approaches. Since January, 1st the Russian insurers will begin sale of the international policies of an autocivil liability. And in March, 2009 the base tariff autocitizens can rise in price at once almost for third. What give innovations to motorists? Unfortunately, for optimism there are not enough occasions. The luxury to move on an iron game all manages more expensively.
the Green card costs a pretty penny
Financial crisis undermines forces of insurers. After decrease in sales of cars experts predict growth of losses to the insurance companies. To lead up business to bankruptcy gathers nobody. Legislators discuss   changes in the Law about obligatory   insurance   an autocivil liability     (OSAGO).
the Federation Council - main a staff on market reform autocitizens . Senators have suggested the government to raise base tariff OSAGO for 30 percent. The decision of the authorities while is not known - think. And councillors of Federation bear new idea. One of these days senators have countenanced the traffic police initiative about increase of tariffs for the insurance for malicious infringers of road rules. It can so to turn out that, besides factor on breakdown susceptibility, capacity of the engine and age of the automobile owner, there will be a gradation on zlostnosti infringements.
As infringements will be counted up? While it is not known. But senators have brought the initiative in the plan of working out of bills.
While all listed above the offer legislatively are not issued. Therefore to be afraid of a rise in prices on OSAGO that who does not gather for limits of Russia, while early. And fans to travel on foreign countries on the car the surprise waits.
on January, 1st, 2009 Russia will enter the international system the Green card . Till now all citizens driving at the wheel through border have been obliged to have the policy   OSAGO, bought from the foreign insurance companies. Since new year such policies have the right to sell 12 Russian insurers (the list look in insert Who makes out the Green card ) .
the Policy on journey across Belarus, Ukraine or Moldova will fall in price: now, for example, on border with Ukraine our drivers should buy insurance OSAGO for 1000 roubles, and since January it will cost 440 roubles. But trips to the far abroad will cost a pretty penny: the prices for the insurance will rise in 1,5 - 2 times.
Bread to insurers will cost dearer
Essential changes expect also those motorists who do not cross country border by the car. Since January, 1st insurers will replace present bluish policies of an autocivil liability with the green. And in March changes in the Law about OSAGO which enter direct settlement of losses will come into force. It means that payment to the automobile owner will be made by its insurer who then will bill the company of the originator of road accident. For the automobile owner procedure of compensation of a damage becomes easier, and to insurers will earn the bread more difficult.
Cost of policy OSAGO - about 1200 roubles. But it average temperature on hospital . The size of obligatory payment of the insurer is influenced by some factors. The automobile owner receives a discount for accident-free driving of five percent. The most legislative drivers already buy the insurance on 20 - 25 percent below base cost.
the Limit of payments on a damage of life and health makes 160 thousand roubles on each victim.
on indemnification of the victim the insurance company is obliged to consider the Statement for a month.
the Franchise will allow to save
Obligatory insurance of an autocivil liability already became norm of life. If you became the originator of failure, insurers will repair another`s car for the money. And here you should be repaired for the blood. If, of course, not to buy the policy     KASKO.
This policy protects the car from two risks: stealing and a damage. Stealing, a robbery, robbery, swindle concern insured events as a result of road accident, falling of subjects, a fire, act of nature, actions of malefactors and animals.
the Price of policy KASKO first of all depends on cost of the car. It is clear that it is necessary to pay for foreign car insurance much more expensively, than for the nine . Proceeding from market cost of a car (by sight insurers), the insurance sum is established. Average price KASKO can make from 6 to 12 % from the insurance sum. All companies anyhow consider experience of driving and age of the motorist, and also quantity of people which will operate a car.
If for a year you will not get to one failure next time the policy manages for 5 percent more cheaply. Also discounts are received by at whom cars are equipped by good anticreeping systems.
to lower insurance cost, it makes sense to agree on the franchise - the sum which in case of failure you are ready to pay from the pocket. Depending on the size of a limit the franchise can lower cost of the policy from 5 to 20 %.
Who makes out the Green card :
1. the Alpha Insurance
2. VSK
3. The twenty first century
6. RESO - the Guarantee
7. RGS - Capital
9. Russian world
10. the Consent
11. Spassky gate
12. ERGO Russia
the List of the insurance companies is published on a site of the Russian union of autoinsurers.