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Two persons apply for one workplace in the Perm edge

In the Perm edge the battalion reduced and dismissed of - for crisis of people continues to grow. Only for November in a population placement service have put on the account 11 400 anywhere not working inhabitants of Prikamye. It on 1,6 % more than was in October. If to count all who was converted to agents on employment for those 30 days, for example behind the information on vacancies this figure in times is more - 20 700 persons. That is search for work much more people, than on official dannymchisljatsja the unemployed.

Experts of agency in employment of the population of the Perm edge have counted, where in Prikamye the difficult situation with unemployment. In a rating of cities on the first place that it is no wonder, there was Perm: in the regional centre to the beginning of December of the unemployed became more on 2581 persons. On the second place with the big separation Kungur - 524 persons follows.

the Number of the unemployed in November has grown in 45 territories of edge. More than in others, - in Kungursky, Berezovsky and Jurlinsky areas.

How much the unemployed in municipal areas of edge

- Bolshesosnovsky - 12,1*

- Krasnovishersky - 10

- Gajnsky - 9,1

- Kochevsky - 8,7

- Elovsky - 7,5

- Berezovsky - 7,4

- Jusvinsky - 7

- Kishertsky - 6,7

- Jurlinsky - 6,2

- Uinsky - 5,9

- Cherdynsky - 5,7

- Kosinsky, Kungursky, Ordinsky -         on 5,4

- Bardymsky and Suksunsky - on 5,3

- Ilinsky - 5,2

- Gremjachinsky - 5,1

- Osinsky, Usolsky,         Chastinsky - on 4,6

- October, Karagajsky, Ohansky - on 3,6

- Sivinsky, Ochersky, Solikamsk - on 3,1

* Percent from number of able-bodied inhabitants of area.

And At this time

In November of vacancies became less, than in October, on 24 %. And half of all free workplaces is necessary to Perm (7300 vacancies, it on 12 % is less, than one month earlier).

In Berezovsky, Bolshesosnovsky, Elovsky, Ilinsky, Kishertsky, Krasnovishersky, Kuedinsky, Suksunsky and Kosinsky areas the employment centres could offer inhabitants for December, 1st of less than 10 vacancies. Experts of Nytvensky area in the end of November on a broader scale had nothing to offer the visitors. The quantity of demands for hands at them equaled to zero.

If all available for December, 1st in vacancy edge to divide into quantity of competitors it will turn out that 2 persons applied for one place. The difficult situation has developed in Komi district where on one vacancy had 14 not employed.