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tell, please, what operations procedure at garage purchase in co-operative society if the person consisting in co-operative society (the owner of garage), sells it on advertising? What it is necessary to undertake, that have not deceived?
the Proprietor has the right to alienate under construction garage and a share in objects of joint using to any physical person, wishing to enter in members of co-operative society and put in for this purpose the statement. The statement for acceptance in members of co-operative society and the contract of alienation within a month are represented to co-operative society board. Purchase and sale registration is carried out by the general rules.

how much I should fulfil at the employer after filing of application about dismissal?
Michael Surdu.
the Worker has the right to resignation - cancellation under own initiative of the individual labour contract concluded without day - having informed on it the employer the written statement for 14 calendar days.

what responsibility for non-payment of the alimony within 2 years provided that the respondent agrees to return all sum is provided?
Alina Matveeva.
If the debts under the alimony were formed because of the person, obliged to pay them according to the agreement on payment of the alimony, this person bears responsibility in an order provided by the agreement. If the debts under the alimony were formed because of the person, obliged to pay them under the decision of judicial instance, this person pays to the creditor the penalty at a rate of the one tenth percent from the sum of debts per every day of delay.

the Head of firm does not want to pay to me established by decree. What to it for it will be?
Kravchenko`s Elizabeth.
In case of a delay because of the employer of payment of a salary, the holiday grant, payments in connection with clearing or other payments which are due to the worker, of 0,1 percent from the sum which have been not paid in time are paid to it in addition per every day of delay.

What rights and duties the father living in a civil marriage with mother of the child has?
the Father and mother have the equal rights and perform identical duties under the relation   to   to children,   irrespective of, they are born in   marriage   or   out of marriage, live together with parents or separately from them.

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