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Tatyana VEDENEYEV: At me four fur-trees: singing, dancing, rotating and natural

I yet have not solved, as I will meet New year. At me three offers but while I think. I very much like idea to go to travel on the country by train. There are special cars, on external appearance they are very similar on Soviet, but is much more comfortable. In everyone - only three compartments also are all conditions. Such car can be fastened to any train and to go to travel. New year under knock of wheels - very tempting idea.

Houses at me already are some artificial fur-trees: singing, dancing, rotating. One more, natural, I have brought from - for borders. Such European fur-trees specially grow up for New year, instead of cut down in wood. Long beautiful needles can not be sprinkled more than month.

some years successively I met New year in the different countries and specially bought Christmas-tree decorations in the form of little men in national clothes. Probably, this time I will decorate a fur-tree with them.

Marina HLEBNIKOVA, the singer: to Decorate 400 metres of apartment are two days of work!

Preparation for a feast occupies from me two days.   at first I get eight boxes from TVs in which it is stored   New Year`s attributes.   despite crisis, I can not refuse to myself pleasure, having forgotten about everything, to buy up infinite quantity of small lamps, balls and garlands.

Decorating the house, the singer sinks into dotage.

this year   I want to make in each room the colour score: sine - a silver drawing room, it is red - a gold bedroom and malahitovo - turquoise kitchen, and in the big drawing room has already dressed up a fur-tree in pre-revolutionary style with painted figured and stuffed toys. And still I still had Christmas-tree decorations from the childhood of my grandmother: young ladies, clowns, merchants and the figures of animals skilfully made from pape - mashe.

it seemed to me earlier that these figures lose in comparison with brilliant glass spheres, but now I understand that in these veshchichkah is warm . Carefully I assort toys expensive to heart, I wind with a tinsel of a ladder and I hang out a rain on threads.

Fur-trees I will put at least four - the most fantastic in a nursery, the greatest in a drawing room, on a roof live, on kitchen all on fires and a tinsel. I am afraid, Nike (Marina`s daughter. - the bus comment ) will be not simple to find the gift.

I love live fur-trees more, but them so it is a pity, when they start to be showered. Therefore I have bought one in the big pot, and it costs all year on a balcony that on month to become the beauty.

New year at actors the, we will meet him when all the others will already be tired of a feast and will disperse from clubs on houses. Usually we leave from last platform the noisy company of executors and their musicians.

the First with what we begin, is a salute opposite the White house . Having shot in air   to steam of boxes of the most intricate petards, we will go for a city.

New year on a summer residence is the best decision, especially after the stuffy and smoked clubs so   it would be desirable to inhale fresh frosty air. And Russian bath with birch brooms, a huge fire and fried dairy porosjatki it is simple a fairy tale.

Anita TSOY, the singer: I Will meet New year on a lunar calendar

New year I will meet on a scene, and it is healthy! And native there will be at this time houses - champagne, peal of bells, congratulations and wishes But for our family much more significant feast - New year on a lunar calendar.

the Korean New year differs nothing from Russian, the same plentiful feast, is a lot of music, dances. Only traditions others, and all necessarily put on in celebratory national clothes. Every year we do not update New Year`s clothes. Especially if to buy suits in Korea, this very expensive pleasure. Therefore everything that we have got with a family even for a long time, I carefully store. And still I have the dresses which have got to me in the inheritance from the grandmother. All this mammon lies in a separate trunk and waits for a feast. We pink and dark blue hanboki in South Korea are not on sale any more, it is a fashion has begun 90 - h. Now such things - the present curiosity.

For Anita Tsoy a choice of a New Year`s suit - special sacramental.

On a table in a feast it will be obligatory a current - kuk - the Korean meat soup with kletskami. Meat symbolises stability, and kletski - well-being in a family, health and prosperity. It is considered that if it to try, new year   will be successful in every respect.

On - to mine, the juiciest and useful Korean New Year`s dish - a chicken, stuffed a ginseng. And wash down sharp meal 25 - gradusnoj with rice vodka sochzhu. It though and is weaker Russian, but gives very interesting effect: like a head light, and feet do not go. Therefore all   also sit till the morning: Eat, drink, speak, songs sing. And all because is simple - naprosto from a chair cannot rise. And a fur-tree, ornaments at us, of course, will be.

Natalia IONOVA (Oza), the singer, the TV presenter: I Love, when smells as wood

I too, as well as everything, prepare for New year, was already reserved by garlands and I decorate a country house site. If to look at it from above it reminds a cocoon from bright small lamps and bulbs. This year at us will be two fur-trees. To one us have presented already dressed up and with Father Frost who sings songs, but all the same I will decorate also another. After all presented - artificial, and I love present which smells as wood. We will dress up all family, let everyone will hang up on it any toy and will think of desire. We will necessarily call Father Frost in the afternoon, and New year we will celebrate houses.