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Legal assistance on - kavkazski

- Here, look, - the acquaintance in Makhachkala shows me a photo on the mobile phone.
On a small screen - foyer of a building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan, three bedside tables, on each of which a portrait of the young man in the militian form. Corners of photos are drawn by a mourning ribbon. Them have shot the day before on one of streets of Makhachkala is a state of emergency has casually passed on news. And that only from - that the insurgent destroyed in the same firing has appeared 11 - klassnik local school. It podelniki, escaping from a fight place, have finished the wounded man a younger companion automatic turn in the person, it was more difficult to identify.
- And now these pravozashchitnitsy from Mothers of Dagestan will be at every turn ohat about it patsanenka, - my interlocutor Habib, in the past the officer of militia gets excited. - and in epaulets who will think of guys? About their mothers?
Bad relationship
Human rights organisation Mothers of Dagestan for human rights has appeared in republic one and a half years ago. For short term has loudly declared itself on several litigations about mentovskom a lawlessness . To members of the organisation did not refuse an audience the president of Dagestan, the chairman of the Commission of Human Rights Ella Pamfilova, even the commissioner of the Council of Europe under human rights Thomas Hammarberg. Only sponsored Mothers of Dagestan justified by juries on especially grave crimes, with enviable periodicity later or detained with the weapon, or destroyed during address special actions. And the person pravozashchitnits, fighting for legality and an order, it is far not the angelic.

... Her brother Vadim organised diversions and fired at agents of national security.
- Supervises over all this movement of Gulnara Rustamova, - the acquaintance Dagestan operas has told to me. - under our data, she is a helper of insurgents. Her sister Dinara Butdaeva also protecting human rights, has two previous convictions for theft and besides the widow the Dagestan Basayev Rasula Makasharipova. In 2005 - m it rattled - every day explosions. At Dinara even the nickname is Arabian - Asma. At one pravozashchitnitsy Svetlanas Isaevoj three times the offender the son on woods runs. By the way, brother Gulnary and Dinara Vadim Butdaev has been destroyed recently during address spets - operations together with three more insurgents among whom there was Magomed Salihov. The last just was justified before by a jury at active intervention in business Mothers of Dagestan . After this operation girlfriends came to the house of Butdaevyh and colleagues on remedial shop and... Congratulated their family that Vadim at last - that became the shahid that the Most High God now bestows it paradise having forgotten thus that on its conscience much the killed Daghestanis and a grief of their relatives. Gulnara and Dinara with joyful smiles upon the face accepted congratulations...
Family bandpodrjad
However, the sister, the widow, mother... Related blood - same not a crime. However from recognitions of the insurgents detained at various times and their helpers the picture which well in any way is not keeping within frameworks protection of human rights appears.
From indications of Narimana Mamedjarova (a nickname of Abu - Bakr): Approximately in the middle of September, 2008 I have met Butdaevoj D. L who has asked me to take away together with Kurbanov M. V the automatic machine from a hiding place and to pass its Butdaevu V. L. However we have considered unsafe to transport the automatic machine on city centre and have refused. Then Butdaeva has taken away the automatic machine itself and in some days was converted to me with the request to bring to its Kurbanov. Butdaeva has brought with itself the automatic machine and, having arrived to Kurbanov, has personally passed it to it, also has instructed it about a place, time and an order of transfer of automatic machine Butdaevu to Vadim. In the subsequent, under instructions Butdaevoj, after the wound received by her brother in firing, has organised its treatment and temporarily hid it at Kurbanov .
- Actually, these Mothers of Dagestan were born from needs of a bandit underground, - my interlocutor tells. - at us after all as occurs: young men start to be interested in Islam. Get under bad influence - conspiracy, secret meetings - same cool! Once solve: Let`s gather in group, we will buy pistols, we leave on wood brothers, they to us will set the task . So there was also Vadim Butdaeva`s group in 2007. First live legally, come home, having done some shooting in the street. And then they feel shadowing or pseudo-shadowing. Under their instructions at once it is necessary to disappear - to be moved in their language. Thus there can be a call to parents: Mum and so, we with children have gone to Moscow or in Sochi to work . And parents eat these noodles. And they go to wood, pass so-called uchebku . Periodically call home: Mum, I in Moscow, very well . Then they come to Makhachkala to make work . At them the helpers who track down law enforcement officers and hand over the information. Settle on secret apartment and start to blow up, fire, kill. One fine day we leave on such group.

Address operations pass today in Dagestan with heavy machinery application.
In apartment special action, at first we suggest to surrender, they refuse, them destroy. And here there is on arena Svetlana Isaeva or Gulnara Rustamova and speaks: You have thrown them, this person was in Sochi . Noise - din about " Also begins; mentovskom a lawlessness . And happens on - to another. The person in wood leaves, relatives know about it. Go to to Mothers of Dagestan also write the application that it was stolen by people in shape. In advance put bodies in proigryshnuju a position. The person detain, it starts to be pricked, and the lawyer then comes. They have some lured lawyers who are paid by human rights organisation the Memorial . Mothers of Dagestan by the way, receive grants and from many foreign organisations. As a rule, affairs on terrorism consider jurymen. The position is that: we declared for a long time that it have stolen, here it held, tortured, pricked psychotropic substances, have forced itself to stipulate. And jurymen, people uneducated, believe them: as, same legal experts, they for truth.
In marriage for the Wahhabite
If Gulnara Rustamova cared of comfort of insurgents - warm clothes, tasty pies Asma - Butdaeva worried about composure of gangsters. As - the same the Mojahed from works just, and where as not in warm domestic surroundings, it is possible to remove stress sometimes should have a rest. Here also selected young little girls who when it is necessary, married on Sheriyat, and after his death to another, then for the third...
- conversations At first begin: it is necessary to pray, - the Dagestan field investigator tells to me. - further gradually begins: films and books about jihad, discussions on each point. Even they treat a harmless religious postulate in especially extremist form. It is necessary to kill, it is possible not to pray, the main thing - to do jihad.   The person who was anybody earlier, ran on pshchyochinah, suddenly starts to be significant, ego-trips in a circle of Wahhabites, him respect in this community. To girls of Asma usually offers: a leah you want to marry the present Mojahed? And that agrees, but once this girl should leave the house and to live on secret apartment.   frequent enough case. Families break up, tragedies at people. Such we had time to pull out one. Left on the father: and so, in marriage your daughter want to give out in wood. It has returned it brains into place.
By the way, recently in Dagestan at resistance rendering known Wahhabite Nustapa Abdurahmanov in the circles has been destroyed. According to the Russian special services, in the beginning 90 - h it has passed religious and combat training in Pakistan, around the cities of Lahores, to Bann, Rajvand. In these parts, a terrorist science the insurgents who have attacked recently on the Indian city of Mumbaj by the way, comprehended. In the middle of 90 - h Abdurahmanov took out in these of camp of the fellow countrymen, motivating trips with necessity of preparation for creation for Dagestan the Islamic state. With 2005 for 2007 this figure periodically left to Pakistan for a meeting with representatives of the international non-governmental organisation Daavatul dzhamaatul tablig preaching radical Islam. In the same place it communicated with the citizen of Saudi Arabia Zajnutdinom Zandagi, to known special services of many states as one of sponsors of the armed jihad worldwide. And a month before neutralisation of Nustapa Abdurahmanov became an active member of the organisation Mothers of Dagestan for human rights ...