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Suspected of Nina Varlamovoj`s murder has gone on hunger strike

Today were to the Afghan and eks - to deputy Dmitry Kireevu have officially brought accusation in murder of the head of administration of the Kandalaksha area of Nina Varlamovoj. We will remind, last week the woman have killed 4 blows of a knife in a court yard of own house. Before death Nina Konstantinovna has had time to whisper a surname of the attacking ostensibly. On suspicion in fulfilment of this crime have detained Dmitry Kireeva. The person similar to it saw escaping with a place of murder and witnesses. The consequence considers some versions happened - from personal hostility to the political order.
- to Dmitry Kireevu have brought accusation as regards the first article 105 of the Criminal code - Murder . While by a consequence precisely it is not established that the crime is connected with performance of functions by Nina Varlamovoj. If it has already been proved, the second part of article would be made. There more strict punishment - to a life imprisonment, - explains Evelina Makarova, and. An island of the senior assistant administrator on communications with mass-media of Investigatory management at regional Office of Public Prosecutor.
Dmitry Kireev has refused to co-operate with a consequence and has chosen silence, on 51 - j to article of the constitution, resolving not to bear against itself. Now it is in a Murmansk pre-trial detention centre 1. Lawyer Kireeva it was converted into court with the petition for change of a preventive punishment for the client on a subscription about nevyezde. She considers that it does not represent threat for associates and can quite wait for consequence results on freedom. However a consequence and court of other opinion.
- the majority of witnesses confirming indications and from those who saw the person similar to Kireeva, on a scene of crime are already interrogated, received. On business the complex of examinations is spent. One of the major - biological, called to find out traces of blood of a victim on clothes accused, - continues Evelina Makarova.
Meanwhile Dmitry Kireev originally reacts to made investigation. From informal sources it became known that he has gone on hunger strike.
in the Kandalaksha the relation to Kireevu the ambiguous.

- I do not believe that it is Dimka has killed Nina Varlamov! - the deputy of the Kandalaksha City Council Arcady Merkulov winds a head. - I know it with 90 - h years. Yes, it has been contused in Afghanistan, later - is beaten by gangsters when wanted to organise the business. Therefore behaved at times inadequately and aggressively. But it never against anybody did not raise a hand. Under it could arrange business specially. To me one of witnesses has told: when Kireeva detained, its light raincoat in which it went, was absolutely pure. And on a murder place all has been filled in by blood.