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The murderer of the veteran the court has sentenced to 18 years of a colony

the Amur regional court the sentence 41 - to the summer compulsive gambler who has killed the veteran of the Great Patriotic War has pronounced. The man have sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a high security colony.

About this history wrote in the beginning of December. We will remind, earlier the offender inhabitant Krestovozdvizhenki was fond some years of game machines. In this time it has lowered about 800 thousand roubles, has got into debt. Having lost once again, he has remembered Leonid Borschev from village Orlovka. The man knew that it should have a large sum of money. The compulsive gambler has decided to plunder the veteran, he from noise in the house Leonid Prokopevich has woken up and has tried to intimidate the thief a gun. However the criminal has snatched out the weapon and has some times knocked the old man a butt on the head. The veteran has died on the spot from cranial - a brain trauma, and the compulsive gambler, having taken away 20 thousand roubles and a mobile phone of the pensioner, has run away (more in detail in number for December, 3rd and on our site).

- the defendant has not pled guilty To court, denied the fact of a premeditated murder and armed assault fulfilment, - Konstantinovsky`s public prosecutor of area Alexander PETRIENKO has told . - the Sentence has not entered yet validity - appeal term yet has not expired.

By the way, probably, accused will try to appeal against sentence. On court he said that has struck the old man, being protected, having decided that that can shoot it, and did not want kill. And more - that has struck it only once.