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Murmanchane have received the general plan and the cooled fish

From - for crisis industrial complexes work at a loss
Certainly, main economic event of year not only in the Polar region, but also in the world - financial crisis. - milk cows of the regional budget - declare the largest industrial complexes curtailment of production from - that their production has fallen in price in the world markets. And on labour exchange managers and secretaries from closed offices were pulled.
now the main thoughts of northerners how not to lose work, to finish payments under credits and to save from inflation and savings devaluation.

Murmansk will be tightened in the site. Transport
to the Murmansk transport site to be! The decision on it has signed the government of Russia. Now, under plans, to us investors, and also financing from the federal budget for arrangement of a powerful port economy should be pulled. On either side of Kola bay there will be huge container, coal and bulk-oil terminals, and also tracks on the left coast will be stretched. Will be created about 20 thousand workplaces.

development of Shtokmana
This event Has begun remains not noticed by the wide public. But this year the sea stage of development of the largest Arctic nonassociated gas field upon which rest hopes not only in Russia, but also in the world has begun. In October - November around a deposit on the instructions of Open Society Gazprom the vessel " worked; Bavenit spending complex engineering researches on the Arctic shelf - preparation for installation of a chisel platform. Under the plans, the first gas on coast should go from bowels of Shtokmana in 2013.

the regional centre had a plan
For the first time from Soviet period at Polar region capital there was a general layout of building of city territory. By calculations of developers from Petersburg scientific research institutes, in 2025 on each townspeople it is necessary on a room. So much habitation will be constructed by this time. Sceptics consider that to this date in a city there will be so much inhabitants that to everyone will suffice on the whole apartment and without any building. Still the plan assumes erection of low habitation on suburbs and on left side of a gulf around the new bridge, a concert hall, puppet theatre. Here only where parkings and as the transport problem while plainly not clearly will dare will be equipped.

northerners have seen again ohlazhdenku
Murmansk returns itself a rank of fish capital. This year at last - that the interdiction for sale of the cooled fish has been excellent. In shops spotty and scaly sides a fresh trout, a salmon, a cod and even a sturgeon again have begun to shine. The prices for fish have instantly fallen almost twice, and the table murmanchan became much more various.
one more fish surprise waits for northerners in the spring. For the first time for 6 years will begin mojvennaja putina. Scientists have cancelled an interdiction on lov this most favourite in the people of a small fish, and the authorities have thought again and do not spend auctions on it lovu.