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Than kuzbassovtsam it was remembered 2008 - j?

Shoj of year

the Concert legendary Skorpionz at stadium the Chemist 17. 04. 2008

It happens! In April the Wind of changes has reached and our city. However, in day of a concert there was a fierce cold and has tumbled down in flakes snow In such weather to us still to sing at stadium it was not possible! - admitted then well-known rokery. But anyhow the Chemist has been hammered to the full. Hundreds kemerovchan will tell to grandsons that saw live Skorpov . And musicians have taken away with themselves memory about strong Siberian moroztse and excellent Russian vodka.

pomrachnenie year

the Full solar eclipse 1. 08. 2008

Heavenly bodies too have arranged to us representation - not worse fate - stars. Thousand kuzbassovtsev poured out on streets to observe so-called Russian eclipse . Into full darkness unlike the next regions did not plunge: the moon has closed the sun where - that on 89 - 90 %. But it is enough of it to rise over the ordinary and to remember the world fantastic

Triumph of year

Football madness

Ole - ole - ole! Russia - the champion! Thanks Euro - 2008 - Kemerovo after other cities has given in to a football fever! You remember these cars with fluttering flags? And painted trikolorom girls? And overflowed sports - bars? And as we have made Dutches? Then, truth, we have blown Spanish national team, but bad is forgotten quickly

Evgenie Kolosov

the Crime of year

Oleg Bijakov

the Student killed the teacher

In June of professor KuzGtU Oleg Bijakova have found dead at an entrance of own house. Nine blows by a knife to it were put by the former student - Evgenie Kolosov deducted from university. Ostensibly the teacher has taken a dislike to the guy, did to it remarks, has filled up on offset the Terrible and silly case has called a huge public resonance. Now the student - the murderer is recognised by deranged, is treated in psihbolnitse. In prison he will not sit.

Artem Korotkov
Tragedy of year  

the Young sportsman was lost during tournament on kudo  

It happens in the beginning of November at the Kemerovo stadium the Dynamo . 16 - summer Artem Korotkov from Novosibirsk and its rival had time to put each other all some blows . Then the boy has fallen. Dead. Versions of causes of death during fight the set went: from that that Artem basically was unhealthy, to a negligence of the doctor first aid . After a month the medicolegal investigation has shown: the sportsman has died of blow in heart. But this blow has been put within the limits of single combat rules. Criminal case did not begin to get.

Jeanne Vlasevsky

Triumph of year

Sofia Larin

Beauty of Russia - ours!

For the first time the title of the main beauty of the country was won by the girl from Kuzbas! Magnificent brunette Sofia Larin - it and, truly, the best . But there is more to come: Crown 2 - j beauties of Russia too has received kemerovchanka - model known in a city Jeanne Vlasevsky. After returning from a beauty contest these girls became national heroines of Kuzbas. We are ready to carry them till now on hands Unless are not present?

the Law of year

Commandant`s hour for children and youth

Since May, 21st in Kuzbas has been entered so-called a quiet time for children till 16 years. In the people it have instantly christened commandant`s . To teenagers have forbidden to be after 22 o`clock in the evening in streets, in parks, transport, stations, the airports, discos, bars, computer clubs. For a fault - at first the prevention, then the penalty to 3000 roubles from parents. By the end to year on an insisting of Office of Public Prosecutor (a pier, such amendment to the law - Constitution infringement) have decided penalties from parents not to take, be limited to suggestions. Penalties for legal bodies (for example, owners of the bar filled by teenagers) have left.

And already the president bears idea to declare a quiet time On all country

What svada without a bayan

the Agiotage of year

Wedding boom 08. 08. 2008

Hundreds newly-married couple of Kuzbas have believed that magic three eights will bring it happiness. In REGISTRY OFFICES the chaos was created. Brides tried to outdo each other in splendour of crinolines, trains one more long another Well, were built if so much people want to be forever together - let their dreams will come true!

Solidarity of year

Stood for peace, spent pickets, lighted candles, collected the humanitarian help . Were torn in volunteers, offered refugees free habitation, handed over blood, money transferred. Anybody in Kuzbas did not remain indifferent when war in South Ossetia has begun. Another`s misfortune has rallied us. And not to pass words as it is important.

the Winner of year  

On silver height heavyweight Evgenie Chigishev has lifted on the Olympic Games in Beijing the Kuzbass national team. Other our fellow countrymen - even to the star gymnast Devjatovsky - had to come back home without medals. Annoyingly. But just in a case in the Olympic Games already one participation does you by sports legend Let`s remember once again names of those who flied to Beijing: Maxim Devjatovsky, Evgenie Chigishev, Konstantin, Alexander Derevjagin, Irina Obedina`s Novel. Good fellows, children!

And than to you 2008 was remembered? Author Lora NIKITIN waits for yours komentariev