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Klofelinshchitsy have enticed at the Rostov businessman of 300 thousand roubles

the Victim of robbery became rostovchanin, holding a solid post in one of commercial structures. On road from work 53 - the summer man has met familiar with two pretty girl-friends. The company has sat down to talk about that about this in park cafe. While the gentleman has departed behind the cigarettes, one of maidens has got from a handbag fenazepam, bought for the grandmother, and has added rostovchaninu in tea.

- Having used its helpless status, ladies have picked up   a victim under white hands also have gone directly to bank where man poorly guided in a reality has discounted thousand roubles, - field investigators tell.

Girls have there and then disappeared, having thrown the man directly near bank. fast for it passers-by have called, and after dangerous tea drinking rostovchanin has got to toxicological branch BSMP - 2. The poisoning was so strong that the poor creature when has regained consciousness, did not remember anything - even that have robed it! Detectives had to restore a picture of events literally on particles, on it time, and only " has left one of these days; klofelinshchits employees of criminal investigation department May Day OVD have detained - they were already identified by the workers of bank who were giving out money.

In the social plan of the girl have appeared quite decent: two work bookkeepers, the third works in shopping centre, no previous convictions have. One of them is pregnant, the others have children... As girlfriends now admit, was not primary at them malicious intention, and the idea opoit the trusting and well-founded man has arisen spontaneously during a joint sit-round gathering. With use of a strong preparation women should pay dearly for armed assault: from 8 till 15 years. And to men on the future a science - not to drink tea with whom has got...

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