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Peter GLYBOCHKO: it is not necessary to spread panic! Nobody will save on social payments

On a direct line with readers the secretary of Saratov regional branch SRO VPP " has visited; an United Russia a leah Peter Glybochko

it is necessary to say that the most part of questions which set saratovtsy to Peter Vitalevichu, concerned the further life in the conditions of world financial crisis.

However, Peter Vitalevich saratovtsev does not divide panic moods. Moreover, Glybochko is assured that it is not necessary to spread panic. The situation in the region is stable .

- Hello, Peter Vitalevich. Last years our government, both Russian, and local, at last - that has started to put means in development of social sphere - were under construction FOKi, hospitals were under repair, salaries to teachers and doctors have increased. Leah prompt, please, in the light of world financial crisis similar work will be conducted further? Or for a while it will be necessary for us to tighten belts?

Alexey Sergeev, Saratov.

- We do not think to reconsider any plans. It concerns also plans of investment activity of the largest Russian companies; it concerns also plans of reforming of housing and communal services, reforming of system of medical attendance of the population. It concerns reorganisation plans in an education sphere and reforming of pension system.

All will develop. The party intends to save and continue realisation of national projects of support of agrarian and industrial complex, public health services, education, building of accessible habitation. All party projects, such as building FOKov, repair and building of recreation centres, kindergartens, building of rural roads, will be realised also. Everything that everything is planned in social sphere, that is connected with increase of social benefits, pensions, will be executed also.

- Peter Vitalevich, my name is Victoria, me 22 years. Me have reduced from - for crisis.   a post with which I occupied, - office - the manager. I fine understand that will find work in the nearest some weeks to me not so - that simply. A leah any measures are taken to support such, how I - the reduced or dismissed workers?

- Hello, Victoria. In - the first, I want to tell that the anti-recessionary staff created in province which I head, carefully watches the situation which has developed in area. And so, with such formulation as it is dismissed from - for crisis (such article really exists in the Labour code. - a bus) At the moment in area any person has not been dismissed still. So it is not necessary to lift a panic and to connect your concrete dismissal with world financial crisis.

Though we, certainly, understand that today when the quantity of the unemployed can increase, it is necessary to take concrete measures to support   the population. So, according to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation, the unemployment benefit - to 4900 roubles a month is raised.

the Second - the enterprises, municipalities and the regional authorities should develop the whole complex of the actions connected with rescue of workplaces there where it can be made. Employers during crisis should find possibility to save a maximum of workplaces. Probably, it is necessary to go on reduction of the working day and working week. But all it - to save workers to give the chance to them to work. So we will manage not to ruin the enterprises and to save the maximum employment.

- Hello, Peter Vitalevich, I the mistress of small restaurant. Prompt, a leah the government will take any measures to support us - representatives of small and average business.

Irina, Saratov.

- Yes, such measures will be accepted. Chairman of the party Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has put forward idea of decrease in regions of the sizes of the fixed rate of the simplified tax, decrease in the sizes of the profit tax. Today possibilities of a reduction in tax for the added cost, tariffs of natural monopolies are considered. Also at allocation of state credits to banks we stipulate that the certain part of resources should be directed on support of small and average business. The same programs will be developed and at level of regions of the Russian Federation. All it together, in our opinion, should affect development of small and average business essentially.

- Hello, I call from area, we the young family - is literally half a year have dared back and took a mortgage loan. Now the spouse remained without work. We are afraid that   we can not pay the credit, and the bank will take away our apartment. How to us to be?

Peter Silantev, New Burasy.

- the State has already taken measures on support of bank system, banks gave us the information on in what volume they intend to finance the enterprises of real sector. And the state has allocated with it for these purposes of 175 billion rbl. It is agriculture, it oboronno - an industrial complex, it is small and average business. Now we hope for response of banks on support of the debtors. It is impossible to throw out on street of those who has temporarily lost work.

If to speak particularly about the credit for habitation acquisition:

the First - for people who have lost work, or for people who have faced sharp fall of the incomes, the state plans to expose before banks the state guarantee through Agency system on mortgage housing crediting. Thus, bank for any time will lag behind from the client also will allow the person to save the habitation and to find new work. Other measure in the given direction which will be countenanced by the Duma, is a permission of use the parent capital for mortgage loan repayment.

- Peter Vitalevich, one of these days has received a pay-sheet for ZHKU, it is a nightmare. on apartment will leave not only all my pension, but also it is necessary to ask from children. A leah It is possible to stop in any image a rise in prices for housing and communal services?

Valentina Mihajlovna Grebenshchikova, the pensioner, Saratov.  

- Thanks for a question, Valentine Mihajlovna. The state already undertakes actions in this direction. The first is a leaving from monopolism, so that lured the organisations and the companies at municipal level did not expose exclusively high tariffs and the prices for service. The second is a creation of fellowships which needs to be passed houses and available housing in proper condition. The third is a requirement from infrastructural monopolies of decrease in rates of increase of tariffs. Cost of materials which they should buy for realisation of the investment programs, decreases, therefore should decrease (or, at least, not so quickly to grow) the prices for services. Today as a result of crisis power resources, metal, building materials become cheaper. Therefore it is necessary to check up validity offered kommunalshchikami tariffs for utilities and to search for possibility of their preservation at today`s level or the minimum increase.

- Hello, Peter Vitalevich. Tell, please, that will do public receptions an United Russia and its chairman Vladimir Putin in the conditions of crisis?

- Public receptions an United Russia also have been created that people knew, where it is possible to come for the decision of arising problems. That in contact to the local and regional authorities and if it is required, directly with the government or through party structures in Moscow together to find decisions. We promise that any reference does not remain without the answer. We for this purpose have all possibilities. It is necessary to get rid only of a formalism and sensitively to concern problems of the simple person.

the Main task an United Russia today is a report of problems of people to the government federal and regional. We - the fastest and most effective guide of ideas, problems and requirements of the society, each person. The party problem is a search of the decision of problems together with people.

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