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For how much will sell Mercedes the former Amur governor?

the agiotage called by the future sale of foreign cars from the governmental motor car park, proceeds. Since that moment as governor of the region Oleg Kozhemjako has disposed to expose 18 cars on the auctions, including got by Nikolay Kolesov Mercedes a representation class, in the government of the Amur region potential buyers have started to call. Even from Kazan. Especially citizens of Kazan has interested Mercedes . At least 15 persons have called a press - to the secretary of the governor.

For today in garage of the regional government is six minibuses, nine off-road cars (seven Land Cruiser Padzhero and the Safari ) And legkovushki - Mercedes Toyota Verossa and Toyota Kraun .   state property All it, certainly, and to sell it should under the scheme defined by the law. The most expensive cars in a motor car park - Mercedes 2007 of the release, bought for 6 million roubles, and Kruzery the same year, but different models, on the average they stand from 2 to 2,5 million roubles - have been fixed to the most high-ranking officials of the government. Expert people say what to sell them at the present cost the price will not be possible also at sale will be seriously lowered. On hearings to sell really will on cheap stuff, but the to people.

is it is impossible, - has commented on a situation a press - the secretary of the governor Anton IVLEV . - Sale of any state ownership - procedure long and difficult which will come to the end with open auction. About auction carrying out it will be known in advance, announcements in mass-media will be placed. All interested persons can take part in it. Most likely, it will take place not earlier than February. Now there is an initial stage - the minimum cost of cars is defined, deterioration, run, a technical status and other factors is considered.

the strict measure undertaken by head of area by Oleg Kozhemjako, - to replace all officials on domestic cars In the meantime is enough, - has not called approval the high-ranking Russian officials. Senators of the Federation Council openly say that the Russian cars not always correspond to safety requirements, and representation them to name difficult. The senator in the Federation Council from the Amur region Amir Galljamov has voiced doubt that dalnevostochnikov it will be possible   to replace to domestic cars.


1 year of service - a minus of 10 percent of cost

Procedure of an estimation of state property has rigid enough scheme. In the simplified kind it looks so: the car estimate at balance cost (that is for how much it got), from this sum amortisation is taken away (it is considered in percentage: 1 year of service - 10 percent). The End result of these calculations also is the initial price of the car exposed on the auctions. For example, if Land Cruiser 2007 of release has been got for 2 million roubles amortisation in 2008 will make 10 percent, it is 200 thousand roubles. Accordingly initial cost -   1 million 800 thousand roubles. If for such price anybody does not get it, it will gradually decrease. And it can reach what bottom limit - it is not known.

TTH Mercedes S - 500

Mercedes Nikolay Kolesov who will go from a hammer - the most usual complete set, assure of the governmental garage. However and the usual complete set of the similar car calls respect. Eight pillows of security, leather salon, TVs enter into it for the forward and back seats, two mobile phones and   the refrigerator.

engine Total amount - 5   461 cubic centimetre

Speed - 245 kilometres per hour

dispersal Time - 5,4 seconds

Length of a body - 5 metres of 76 centimetres