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Success and stability in new year!

on the eve of New Year`s feasts on December, 22nd in a press - the centre “ “ has passed traditional “ the Direct line “ with chairman Severo - the Caucasian bank of the Savings Bank of Russia. Within one and a half hours Victor GAVRILOV not only answered numerous questions of readers “ but also accepted congratulations happy New Year.

Money works without vacation

- Good evening, my name is Olga Vasilevna. I the pensioner, worked as the bookkeeper earlier. I have a contribution to Savings bank under 9 annual interest rates. Neither to withdraw means from the contribution, nor fill up it I cannot. Me interests, a leah is at you contributions where the interest rate would be above and thus I could fill up or withdraw a part of means?

  - Olga Vasilevna, pensioners - traditional investors of the Savings Bank, for which at us a special set of bank products: rates above, and an initial payment more low. At pensioners the contribution " uses special popularity; the Pension filled up deposit of the Savings Bank of Russia “ in which name the information that it is possible to fill up it already contains.

Besides, we have contributions on which probably to fill up or remove a part of means within not reduced rest, for example, the contribution “ Special the Savings Bank of Russia “. By all kinds of contributions it is possible to remove the ranked percent. I would advise to you to open to earlier open contribution in addition the contribution “ Special “.                              

- Hello, you the military pensioner from the city of Mihajlovska disturbs. I the disabled veteran. At me good pension, about 20 thousand roubles. I would like to open the bank contribution, but acquaintances say that in the Savings Bank not such big rates as promise other banks.

- Know, the size of the interest rate - not unique advantage of banks. I would tell that in crisis situations their reliability, that is ability to save means of citizens is much more important. In this sense reliability of the Savings Bank is not subject to doubt.

Besides, I want to pay your attention that since December, 1st the Savings Bank of Russia has raised interest rates on 1 - 2,5 % on separate kinds of contributions in roubles, thus under contributions with storage long term, including intended for pensioners, the highest size of the interest rate is established. For today the range of interest rates in our bank makes to 12 percent. We guarantee to our clients as reception of the declared percent on the contribution, and delivery of the contribution under the first requirement. Well and to whom to trust - you can make this choice only.

- At me one more question. During reorganisation at me “ have burnt down “ contributions. The sum for those times was very impressive - 65 thousand roubles. There was However, it in Ukraine. A leah it is impossible to return this money?

  -   Unfortunately, we not to help you with forces, as questions on indemnification of the contributions opened in territory of Ukraine, are regulated only by the legislation of the given state.

- Hello, Victor Vladimirovich. I call from Pyatigorsk. Recently the Savings Bank has expanded sphere of the services. Today by means of a map of your bank it is possible both for phone, and for apartment to pay. It is interesting to me, when already we will come to that in any shop it was possible to pay off with a plastic card, instead of cash?

- Today across Stavropol Territory Savings Bank maps serve almost 1300 shops. Workers of our bank try to involve as much as possible organisations in installation of payment terminals. Not always, truth, is in it interest of the trade, but we hope that shortly terminals will appear practically in all shops of the country. In this question we try not to lag behind Europe which has already taken place this way.

- Thanks. I would like to learn, when the Savings Bank will have a credit card? How to become its owner, and a leah I can to have any interest-free credit limit on it?

- I Can please you, we already let out credit cards. You can issue it if receive a salary on a map of our bank. The size of the credit will depend in this case on the size of your income reflected in the bill of a salary map. The general term of repayment of debts on a credit card - 3 years.   but if you within 50 days (in a so-called grace period of repayment of the credit) can return all sum of a loan completely percent on the credit to pay   it is not necessary. On registration and service of a credit card of the Savings Bank of Russia you can receive the necessary information in any branch of our bank.

- I call from Solnechnodolska. My children took the consumer credit in Savings Bank branch in Stavropol. I was for them to be helped and sometimes to bring for them payment under the credit. A leah I can make it, being in Solnechnodolske?

- Certainly, you can help the children. For this purpose it is necessary for you to come in solnechnodolsky additional office of the Savings Bank and to issue to the contribution the long commission according to which you charge to bank to list the certain sum from your contribution. Such contract is made out once, and pay the credit you can so much, how much it is required to you.

- Hello. He is Grigory Vladimirovich from Lermontov you disturbs. At me it is opened “ Pension “ the contribution. On it profitableness only 4 percent. Such small percent at such high inflation. You have other contribution, where the interest rate above?

- Grigory Vladimirovich, the contribution “ Pension - plus of the Savings Bank of Russia “ about which there is a speech, is intended first of all for pension transfer.     it has advantages. Under the given contribution it is possible in addition   To bring money resources, and also to remove the necessary sums, it is possible to issue the commission on payment of municipal both other services, and bank in specified by the owner of the contribution terms will list means to destination.

But if you want to receive higher income under the contribution, can open “ the Pension deposit of the Savings Bank of Russia “ or “ the Pension filled up deposit of the Savings Bank of Russia “ on which higher are established, including maximum, interest rates.  

- Good evening, my name is Alexander. I live in Jugo - the Western area of Stavropol. You do not plan increase in quantity of additional offices of the Savings Bank in our area? At us meanwhile only two branches and when has come there, there huge turns.

- We know about enough big concentration of our clients in this area of the regional centre, therefore in new year we open in Jugo - the Western area one more additional office - in the street Pirogova.

- At me one more question. You can advise what most optimum contribution if to enclose the small sum of money - to 50 thousand roubles?

  - Alexander if you have the sum to 50 thousand roubles, you can open any of 9 kinds of rouble contributions, each of which has the advantages. All depends on that, for what purpose you want to open the contribution. For today all supplementary products of the Savings Bank of Russia share on three groups:  

- the deposits focused on savings of money resources, having highest interest rates, but without possibility of additional payments (“ the Deposit of the Savings Bank of Russia “ “ The pension deposit of the Savings Bank of Russia “);

- filled up deposits with possibility of entering of additional payments (“ the Filled up deposit of the Savings Bank of Russia “ “ the Pension filled up deposit of the Savings Bank of Russia “) ;

- contributions with possibility of fulfilment of the account operations, allowing to use the money resources placed in the contribution, without damage to the interest rate (“ Special the Savings Bank of Russia “ and others).

Proceeding from the sum specified by you, I can recommend you the contribution “ Special “. A choice for you!

- Hallo. It “ the Direct line “? My name is Irina Viktorovna. I call from a village Rasshevatsky. Here that disturbs me. New Year`s feasts approach, and 10 days will have a rest all. And how to be with payment of credits, after all it is necessary to extinguish debts exactly in time. A leah will work the Savings Bank in New Year`s feasts?

- Irina Viktorovna, I think that your troubles are vain. The bank in the days off will work. Branches will open already on January, 5th. Besides you can always bring an instalment under the credit cash through devices of self-service or use a plastic card of our bank and with its help in time to pay debts through a cash dispense.

Besides, you can be converted into bank in a place of conducting your bill for registration of the long commission. Bank it will be timely in terms established by you to write off means from your bill and to list them on account of loan debts or other services specified by you (municipal, a telecommunication service and so forth) And you should not visit each time bank office.

- Thanks big, Victor Vladimirovich. I want to congratulate also all workers of the Savings Bank with coming New year! We are assured of the Savings Bank and that all clients together with you can safely worry hard times.

do not believe hearings!

- Hello, my name is Tatyana. I am am stirred very much with a question: a leah will cease to give out the Savings Bank in connection with crisis mortgage loans? If is not present, on what conditions they will stand out?

- I Want you to calm. The Savings Bank has not ceased and will not cease to give out mortgage loans. And here conditions on granting of these credits have really a little changed. In - the first, the bank began to approach to an estimation of solvency of clients more carefully. But it and is clear. After all the bank should be assured of reliability of the income of the borrower. In - it is, a little, of second approximately on 1,5 %, interest rates have grown. But as a whole all on - former, all our products successfully work. Only for October - November we have given out 960 mortgage loans.

- My name is Nina, I from a city of Stavropol. We have withdrawn the credit of more year. In time it we pay. But all around repeat that there will be an increase of rates under already given out credits. A leah really it so? And a leah we will be warned about such increase in advance?

- Nina, today the Savings Bank does not consider a question on increase of interest rates under earlier given out credits. Most likely, it is simple the hearings which have arisen against a non-standard situation in the financial market of the country. So listen to those who speaks the such less. And if you have questions or doubts, you can always receive the qualified help by phone of Help service Severo - the Caucasian bank: 8 - 800 - 1000 - 989.

- Victor Vladimirovich, my name is Anton. I call to you from Nalchik. Recently has read that since 2009 the state will compensate any part of percent on autocredits for purchase of domestic cars. A leah concerns it your bank and how it will be carried out?

- you know, Anton, this decision really is already accepted the Russian government. The mechanism of its realisation in Savings Bank divisions is now developed. But while business is not has reached its introduction, therefore it is difficult to me to answer your question. As to a present situation I can tell to you that demand for autocredits in the Savings Bank very much āūšīc.  

- Hello, my name is Tonja, me 22 years. Recently we took the consumer credit. But in connection with crisis recently at the enterprises active reductions have begun. I am afraid that too I can lose work. Very much it would be desirable to learn what to do with credit payment in that case?

-   Even if you will lose a work place, I hope that it will be the phenomenon time, and you necessarily will find new work. However it is not necessary to hope that your credit for you someone will extinguish another, or bank it will not be simple to demand its return. After all, when you take the credit in bank, you incur certain obligations. Therefore important adequately to estimate the possibilities on debts payment. Now in the Russian government the question on granting of delays and instalments under credits for the citizens who have faced sharp decrease of incomes is considered. While this law is not accepted. Nevertheless, at observance of certain conditions we can meet you, a few having transferred terms of repayment of the credit, but I will repeat - you should pay your debt.

- Good evening. My name is Nina, I from Stavropol. I have a small sum of money, and I would like   it to increase. I heard about the depersonalized metal abacus much. That it is more favourable: to open such bill, to get bank certificates or to open the deposit? And can, is easier buy currency on this money as both the euro, and dollar grow recently?

- In my opinion, now, when rates of exchange are astable enough, it is rational to open the rouble deposit with a period of storage 2 years. The minimum size of an initial payment under such contributions varies from 1 rouble to 30 thousand roubles.

I Want to pay your attention that in the Savings Bank the system of step preservation of the interest rate is applied at preschedule closing of the bill under the contribution. For example, if money from the contribution is necessary for you earlier, than will expire its term, let us assume, in three months the bank will add under the contribution of 60 percent from established at the conclusion of the contract to the rate. As a result you receive the income above, than under the contribution opened for three-monthly term.

- Victor Vladimirovich, hello! I from Stavropol, me Olga call. Recently has lost the plastic card. It was there and then converted into bank, has written the application. To me at once have given out other map, but money which were on former, have come only in two months. A leah it is impossible to reduce term of receipt of means for a map after it uteri?

- Certainly, term long enough. But the matter is that this time which is required for verification of all necessary data on a map, collection of the terminal equipment on which operations on a map, checks were performed, a leah malefactors and etc. Unfortunately have used your means, to reduce it yet it is not given possible. To avoid similar situations it is possible, enlisting on a map from the bank account not all sum, but only a part of means necessary at present. Then in case of loss of a map you can immediately use all means directly from the bill.

- you are disturbed by Natalia Vladimirovna. Half a year back I was already converted into the Savings Bank behind credit reception, and to me have told that I can count 100 thousand roubles. More recently I was again converted in banTo, but to me have already promised to give out only 40 thousand roubles. Why so has occurred?

- The matter is that in connection with unstable position in the financial market of the country our bank began to approach to an estimation of solvency of borrowers more carefully. Most likely, the size of your monthly income for today allows to take only 40 thousand roubles.

- But I already took the credit in the Savings Bank and have successfully paid it. A leah can meet and give me the consumer credit for that sum which is necessary for me?

- Natalia Vladimirovna, the bank has the right to give out you only that sum which you can really serve. Now payment term under consumer credits was reduced till 3 years. Therefore and the size of a possible loan now is slightly less, than was earlier.    

- Hello, it is Julia from Mozdoka. I now am engaged in registration of the credit for habitation acquisition. I would like to know, a leah it is necessary to start on a broader scale all it? In our affairs are engaged in Stavropol, therefore I and have decided to ask this question to directly you.

- Julia, of course, it is necessary to start. If you had the constant income allowing in time to make payment under the credit, and you were already prepared for it psychologically, to delay mortgage loan reception it is not necessary. We have different kinds of housing credits, therefore we can pick up that product which for you will be the most convenient and favourable.

- Tell, I can count only on that sum which to me have calculated in bank?

- Certainly. But, probably, you have shown the income. For example, if you married I recommend to you to issue a mortgage loan under the program “ the Young family “. Then you can unite the monthly income with the spouse and count on a credit great sum.

- Dear Victor Vladimirovich! Taking an opportunity, I want to congratulate you, and also all workers of the Savings Bank with coming New year! All I want to wish a sound health, happiness, successes in work!

- Thanks you huge. It is very pleasant to hear such warm words from our clients. In turn, also I want to congratulate you and all stavropoltsev on a coming feast! Let 2009 will bring to you the world and stability, financial well-being, happiness and love.


Today 74 % of the regional market of contributions occupy Severo - the Caucasian bank in which it is opened about 12,5 million bills for a total sum of 65,5 billion roubles. Inflow of private contributions from the beginning of December has made 1,5 billion roubles.

In October - November Severo - the Caucasian bank has given out about 15 thousand credits for a total sum more than 2,5 billion roubles, from them on habitation - about 700 million Roubles, on motor transport acquisition - about 180 million rbl., for consumer needs - about 1,6 billion roubles.

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