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In New year be protected domushnika !

Not a secret that many Siberians on New Year`s vacation will leave to have a rest for a city, having left without supervision the apartments. For this reason Novosibirsk militiamen warn - be protected domushnikov .

- the Basic quantity of thefts is necessary for the weekend and holidays, - have told in a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Novosibirsk. - risk group make the first and last floors, and also the private houses which have been not equipped with protection frames from criminal encroachments.

As a rule on work domushniki leave in the afternoon - from 12 o`clock till 18 o`clock. Therefore even, if you have decided to spend New Year`s vacation in a distance from the house, take care of security.

- It is possible and even it is necessary to make friends with neighbours, - speak in the Department of Internal Affairs. - ask them to look after in your absence apartment. Leaving, close all doors, even balcony, do not forget to check up - a leah window leaves are locked. Money and values hide in a reliable place. And not out of place take care of their constant storage. Rather confident protection considers the safe which has been built in a wall.

By the way, frequently neither lattices, nor a fencing do not rescue apartment from uninvited visitors. Domushniki for a long time already were accustomed to open even the heaped most up locks and lattices.

- That   to secure habitation, is better to equip with its alarm system, - militiamen advise. - in this case if the stranger gets into apartment without your permission, the signal will instantly arrive on the panel of the security enterprise and police officers will arrive into place within three minutes.