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The sailor has run away from service, having lost in automatic machines?

the two-metre healthy fellow - a handsome man with a smile of the child. Pasha Smotrov* (names are changed - red .) Dreamt to minister in morflote and dreamt military career. Mum - the seamstress, the father - the pensioner: the Sonny, well where you?! Srochka - also will be...

But in December 2007 - go it was called under Peter, in settlement Sentry near by Priozersk. In a sponsored part   Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region! The dream has started to come true... And this summer 21 - the summer guy has signed the contract for three years.

- Perhaps and to the best, - parents have reconciled. - Perhaps will forget these... Games...

They have buried unpleasant family secret: after school the Pasha has sat down on automatic machines. But fatherly man`s conversations, parent tears - and like has seen reason. Promised to see reason.

... The pasha ministered with delight. Only often asked to send money - spoke, the soldier`s salary hardly suffices on Petersburg life, has occupied on repair in a hostel. And on November, 14th, on Friday, it was gone. Has called in the morning. Has told that goes to get the next transfer in six thousand, and will call again in the evening. But also in the evening, and then two days mother listened to a dead answering machine: the Subscriber is inaccessible...

On Monday morning - a call from a part: your son was not on service...

Mum Irina Nikolaevna: the Main thing that the son has appeared is live...
a photo: Alexander TKACHEV

Was in psihbolnitse

to what to describe how it was searched by the native. They simply did not know, HOW. Foreign lands, where any familiar soul. Where to go? Have put in the statement in the organisation Soldier`s mothers of St.-Petersburg have written in Wait for me . Also waited.

- From a part to us have informed that too were engaged in searches. Ten days. Have then submitted the case to Office of Public Prosecutor... After - everything, calls have stopped, - mum Irina Nikolaevna past Friday, on December, 19th told to me.

She did not cry and did not swallow korvalol. Only for the necessary phones in a notebook searched long and mobile and could not remember. Three hours back it has returned from church as have suddenly called... From Petersburg psychiatric hospital. It has appeared, its Pasha - there.

- To us have explained that 18 - go December of the son have translated to them from other hospital to which it has got 14 - go with a head injury. It delivered there from militia. The pasha was without documents.   and without memory... Could name only phone of the younger brother.

the Doctor has passed the soldier a tube - that has not learnt neither the father, nor mother. And they - its voice: The son stammered. On the night of Monday Smotrovy have left to Petersburg.

Has run into debt under 200 thousand

I Will make a reservation at once: in this history while it is so much white stains that if it is fair, I fluctuated, a leah to speak about it NOW. But as a result has solved: yes, to speak. After all it is not known, when answers to all questions, and in tens Voronezh families the same pain - game, as a drug will emerge. And Smotrovy, having transpassed through the misfortune, have agreed on the publication only therefore: to warn.

Parents, by the way, are afraid to admit till now to themselves: dependence at the son the serious. But military unit in it do not doubt, though for them - that just all became revelation.

- the guy well Ministered, differently anybody with it did not begin to sign the contract. Moreover, before it it was surveyed by experts, the psychologist communicated with it! - Sergey KOKORIN explains zamkomandira on educational work. - And as he spent time out of service - who knew... It after all not urgent on an appeal. Here the person, as a matter of fact, on the same work as you, we will admit...

Now, despite many ambiguities, clearly one: the Pasha zavralsja. Even in that fatal on November, 14th to parents has told, as if follows transfer, and at the commander has asked for leave for the weekend in Peter to the acquaintance... Further - it is more. When the senior sailor was gone also colleagues have started it to search, was found out: the Pasha was the habitue of games parlours of Priozersk. The military unit and a hostel are located in several kilometres from small town. And if on attics and cellars vagabonds sluzhivogo did not recognise,   employees of billiard rooms have hardly looked at a photo: our client ...

- we could not believe, when to us told: the pier, yes, played often, but it is bad... Did the big rates - on 10 - 11 thousand (it is its monthly salary - avt .) - Also burnt through, - Kokorin remembers zampolit. -   Began to interrogate other children. It has appeared, he at them constantly borrowed money. Occasions named the most improbable: like the girlfriend it is necessary to do abortion urgently... Sailors already knew that he does not repay debts, but all the same gave! We then were indignant: what for? And they: It is a pity the boy...
Pashka has absolutely got confused both in girls, and in lie. Parents speak, it has a bride in Voronezh, but communicated - that they only by phone! And hardly the guy has got to itself a harem in Priozersk... And repair in a hostel it did not do.

- There normal rooms - not the barracks, - speak zampolit. - Even beds not iron, but sound wooden...

... In a bedside table of the Pasha have found a notebook with section to Whom I should . Have counted up. If to combine all losses and debts, it is typed almost 200 thousand.

the Sailor has played performance?

That Pasha Smotrov for last month has worried, anybody yet does not know. In some days after its disappearance passers-by have found the passport, the identity card, a driving licence of the sailor on the area of Priozersk and have brought in militia. And the Pasha was only a month later for 140 km - in Peter... How there has got, what for has gone? The guy assured militiamen and doctors as if remembers nothing. Therefore it also have translated in psychiatric clinic. But from - for what has lost memory? Questions are beaded one on another, as counters in a casino...

... And yesterday during the lunchtime I have called on mobile to mum.

- We come back from Petersburg, still on the journey, - Irina Nikolaevny`s voice not only tired. She does not want to speak.

- As he feels?

- it is good, with it that`s OK...

- the Pasha has remembered something?

- Has remembered... He has remembered all... (Does not want to speak - avt .)

- That has told to you?

- Yes anything while...

- But what with it happens, from - for what memory has lost?

- Yes it did not lose... It he like so has told.

- And the whole month where was?

- Walked... Excuse, we so were tired, and the paid entering now. We Will get home - then we will talk. Well?

- it is good. But... The pasha understands, WHAT it has done? It in prison can...

-... Understands. And we understand.

it is possible, the Pasha will tell about the adventures to inspectors. Especially criminal case already is - under article autocratic ostavlenie military unit . And if memory loss - it is valid only performance if the contract employee appears it is healthy, to it threatens till five years.

However, in business while any record. In the Vyborg investigatory department have explained: Wait, while inspection will end and will be drawn more or less accurate diagnosis. And how much to Paul to lie in a mental hospital, even doctors now do not know: he is a military man, and all military men will solve. And at them, Kokorin, plans such explains zampolit:

- To feasts of the sailor will translate in military hospital. There the special medical commission which will define is necessary to it: goden to the further service or not. If is not present - will treat. Well and if yes - to judge...

P. S. We will necessarily watch continuation of this history.

Opinion of the expert

Aida GORBUNOVA, the psychologist:

- Apparently, the young man in the deepest depression. To it it is necessary not only serious psychotherapy, but also family therapy - in 21 year the person is still very adhered to a family. Besides, it is necessary to understand, why the guy has conceived a liking for automatic machines. Igromanija, as well as any dependence, it is simple so does not arise. Usually it is a social dissatisfaction, desire to ego-trip. And that the young man constantly ego-tripped, tells also the fact of signing of the contract. What for it has made it? To receive money and - a recognition. Igromanija does not pass by itself. It should be treated. Parents did not need all so to leave, having counted - a pier, will pass. The guy, undoubtedly, was frightened. And leaving from military unit - attempt to escape from problems to overcome fear. As to memory loss - the mentality is unpredictable, all therefore is possible. However it is impossible to exclude both a trauma and simulation. Here it is necessary to understand individually and very seriously.