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Today 60 years to the chairman of the government of Republic North Ossetia are executed - to Alanija Nikolay Aleksandrovichu Hlyntsovu

60 years to the chairman of the government of Republic North Ossetia - to Alanija Nikolay Aleksandrovichu HLYNTSOVU Today are executed. joins numerous congratulations which come to its address, and from the bottom of the heart wishes it a sound health, well-being and successes in all!

From the bottom of the heart I congratulate you on a remarkable feast - your anniversary!

We know you as the talented organizer, the competent politician and the large public figure. From the moment of your election as the chairman of the government of the North Ossetia in republic there were considerable changes to the best. The new industrial enterprises are under construction, the agriculture develops, the road branch is reconstructed. You give great attention to social policy, an accomplishment of cities and villages, development of national culture. And, what you did, you always lean against wide public opinion, care   about interests of each inhabitant of republic!

you are distinguished by innovation and humanism. You always aspire to keep up to date, leaning against the advanced technologies, relying thus on experience of the previous generations. Perhaps, it also is that remarkable quality which in the people name wisdom.

On our way infrequently there are people who can be trusted, as to itself. People who will manage to substitute a shoulder in any situation to help in word and deed. In you are combined   sincerity and   kindness, keenness and ability in any situation to come to the rescue. To me has had the luck to meet such person. I very much appreciate your friendship!

With all my heart I wish you the world and heat, happiness and pleasure. Let you are surrounded with those who loves you, and grieves and failures avoid.

Let the brilliant of your bestowal will begin to sparkle new sides, and in affairs good luck and success always accompany!

I Wish you a sound health, the Caucasian longevity, the personal happiness, new searches and fulfilments!

Yours faithfully, the Head of administration of the city of Mozdok George of ADAMS.

Collective of the Vladikavkaz technological centre Baspik sincerely congratulates you with an anniversary! We appreciate your attention and care of development of technologies in RSO - Alanii and electronic technologies Baspik . We wish your of good luck and the big successes in life.

On behalf of Open Company VTTS collective Baspik the director Is banished KULOV.

Severo - Caucasian is mountain - metallurgical institute (GTU) hotly and warmly I congratulate you with 60 - letiem!

you meet this significant date, having passed bright, sated with considerable events and affairs a way. In republic you know as the responsible head. Perfect professional and human qualities have got to you authority and respect not only in political circles, but also among simple people.

We by right are proud of that you, along with the head of republic Tajmurazom Mamsurovym, studied at our university and have graduated on architecturally - building faculty.

Here you remember as the diligent student, the public man, the active worker and simply decent person. Becoming the top politician, you have not forgotten about native SKGMI (GTU) and much have made for its further prosperity. Thanks to financial support of the head of republic and the government of the North Ossetia the institute dynamically develops and continues to be a smithy of highly-skilled personnel not only for republic, but also for all country.

Thanks for that attention which you give to development of our institute and education as a whole.

On behalf of all collective of university and from myself personally I congratulate you with an anniversary, I wish a sound health, successes in work, happiness and well-being you and your family.

Rector SKGMI (GTU) Vladimir VAGIN.

this perfect day of your anniversary accept from all our collective and from me personally most   warm congratulations and best regards!

All your life is     an example of selfless ministering to the business and the people. Despite vicissitudes of life, you always remain the present person, the excellent head, a true ensample.

your rich professional and life experience,   feeling of a private responsibility immutably call respect of colleagues and   are for many that lath to which it is necessary to aspire.

  Let your political experience, professional and human qualities   will be the keystone to success in overall objective achievement - revival and greatness of ours   native Ossetia. God grant to you to consult with all difficulties, inevitable in your noble ministering to the people.

  we wish your of good luck, health, inexhaustible energy and good luck in all undertakings. Let you are warmed by heat       the family centre, care and love   people close to you!

the Deputy the general director of Open Company Kavkazregiongaz the deputy of parliament RSO - And M. And. BASKAEV.

Open Company Collective Berd - Lavera Congratulates you with 60 - letiem!

Anniversaries come to our life imperceptibly. Day after day, month after month, year after year. Today you became a bit more senior, but is much more skilled and is wiser.

Thanks you that attach great value to development of our republic,   be the indispensable initiator of good deeds and undertakings. This light and joyful day we want to wish you sincere forces on the subsequent vital, perhaps, hard steps. And, of course, a sound health and the Caucasian longevity, after all health is the biggest mammon in life of each person. Let in all affairs you are accompanied by good luck and success, and the happiness becomes the indispensable partner in life!

Let in your soul the world and harmony, pleasure and understanding always reign, and let you those who loves you, and those who to you of roads to whom you are very necessary always surround. Let in your house the world, love and well-being correct!

it is sincerely desirable, that you were surrounded only with kind and sympathetic people, and that those who now in you nearby, remained with you always.

Let minutes the party you all hardship, and the sky over a head always will be peace!

Collective   Open Company Berd - Lavera .

Accept the warmest and sincere congratulations on anniversary!

the Big gratitude to you that you render all-round aid and support to our enterprise, believe in our initiative and working capacity.

your vigorous and fruitful work directed for the blessing of each inhabitant of the North Ossetia, has got sincere trust of the people.

you managed to make much for the blessing of development of republic, but, we are assured, ahead at you - the new fulfilments, new heights.

From the bottom of the heart we wish you a sound health, the Caucasian longevity and new professional successes for the blessing of prosperity of the native North Ossetia!

Let you over a head always will have a peace sky, pass the misfortune and hardship party, and good luck and happiness become your constant companions!

Yours faithfully, Open Company collective Keramo - the Briquette - M .

On behalf of all collective of Digorsky factory gofrokartonnoj container hotly and warmly I congratulate you with 60 - letiem!

from the bottom of the heart we wish your of good luck, health, prosperity! Let every day, passed by you, brings pleasure from a criminal conduct for the blessing of the people!

Marking your considerable contribution to development of our republic, we sincerely hope that with your help the North Ossetia becomes one of the most prospering regions of Russia!

Forces to you and patience in a hard field of ministering to the people, the world to you and your house!

Yours faithfully, the director of Digorsky factory gofrokartonnoj container of Tajmuraz TAMAEV.

BuharDon : secret of natural water

In mineral water from the North Ossetia all curative properties

are saved by All it is known that properties of mineral water depend on an origin source. Most known of them are among the reserved nature, far from cities and the industrial enterprises.

Mineral water BuharDon it come from a non-polluting corner of the North Ossetia. Its source is located in picturesque village Zamankul that in 25 kilometres from Beslan, in kurortno - a recreational zone.

the Chink 9 - Z from which water is extracted, was drilled in 2003 by brothers of Dzioevy and named water in honour of the father. In transfer with Osset BuharDon means Water Bukhara . Today the mineral water rich with useful salts, extract from depth of 250 metres.

Hloridno - sulphatic natrievaja mineral water BuharDon contains the minerals which vital to a human body. It possesses preventive properties and is shown at a chronic pancreatitis, gastritises, kolitah and enterokolitah, chronic diseases of a liver and zhelchevyvodjashchih ways. Before the medicinal water use it is necessary to consult with the expert.

Quality of this mineral water which have not lost the curative properties and after pouring in bottles, - special   pride of Open Company BuharDon .   Here butilirujut mineral drinking and sparkling water. In 2005 Open Company production BuharDon Has entered into the list of 100 best goods of Russia, its quality is confirmed by numerous certificates and diplomas, among which and the Diploma of I degree in a nomination Drinks nonalcoholic exhibitions JUGPRODEKSPO .

Dear Nikolay Aleksandrovich! Accept our congratulations in connection with your anniversary!

During work on fast of the chairman of the government in republic there were considerable changes to the best. Your life experience, a high sense of responsibility for any undertaking, organising abilities allow to achieve positive changes in building branch, a transport infrastructure and agriculture.

From the bottom of the heart we wish your of good luck, health, the world and well-being!

Let good luck and success always accompany you and your native.

Yours faithfully, Open Company collective BuharDon .