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The chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Stavropol Territory Nikolay Goncharov: we had for the first time a system of preventive maintenance of crimes

New year the Stavropol militiamen can meet with quiet soul - the crime rate has gone on recession. The militian statistics eloquently bears to it. As it was possible to achieve changes to the best, we have learnt from the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of edge Nikolay Goncharov.

- Nikolay Vladimirovich, year comes to an end.   how you estimate its results for your department?

- First of all, it is necessary to notice that kriminogennaja conditions in edge remain difficult. For the last few years the crime rate was high enough. Crisis has come in 2006. On the instructions of the president in the country the multilevel system of preventive maintenance of crimes which has united efforts of enforcement authorities, public associations, business, church in work with people from risk groups has started to be built. In our corner of the world such program is confirmed by the State Duma in December of this year and is valid the law. The program is calculated for 5 years. In it it will be enclosed 565 million roubles - from federal, regional and local budgets. The special commission consisting of representatives regional and municipal authority, law enforcement officers, heads of establishments and departments will be engaged in program realisation.  

- Tell, please,   more in detail about problems of this program.

- the Problem number one - to strengthen public security in region. The most important task - in a society should be generated intolerance atmosphere to offences and the valid relation to the Law and the rights of other people. If all of us the world undertake the decision of this problem the order will be induced at edge territories. Well and forms and methods of preventive maintenance well-known and are put for a long time by us into practice. This employment of minors and before offenders of citizens, preventive conversations with youth, creation of workplaces, work with unsuccessful families. Our corner of the world - one of few regions where family inspectors of militia successfully work. We have increased quantity of district militia officers by 130 persons that has already yielded good results. In 2007 - 2008 it was possible to achieve real decrease in a crime rate. In comparison with 2007   on 6,3 % heavy and especially grave crimes, including premeditated murders the quantity was reduced to 24,4 %, causings of heavy harm to health with deadly exod   Became less on 15,6 %, robberies - on 18 %, robberies - on 14,5 %. The number of thefts, on 15,5 % has considerably decreased. And in comparison with indicators 3 - 4 - summer prescription the quantity of grave crimes has decreased in one and a half time, and premeditated murders and armed assaults - in two. It tells all about efficiency of accepted preventive measures.  

Once again I want to underline that the program creates for the first time multilevel system in which for preventive maintenance of crimes will respond not only law enforcement bodies, and all - from heads of the state to the head of settlement. And to report to the population - directly or through mass media. It is very important that the program is erected to Stavropol Territory in a rank of the law, obligatory for all.

- That the new Municipal Department of Internal Affairs in work has appeared this year?  

- We have started to introduce the program the Safe city . Have established a number of new chambers of video observation and have finished their quantity to 1044 pieces. Chambers - our irreplaceable assistants, allowing to open crimes on to fresh tracks . They have already proved the efficiency in Stavropol and are gradually mounted and in other cities of edge, in particular, in Pyatigorsk for these purposes in 2009 - 2010 is planned to allocate 40 million roubles, in Essentukah in 2008 - 2009 - 9 million, and in Kislovodsk in 2009 - 3,6 million.

In the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs always with special attention concerned preventive maintenance of neglect of minors, work with unsuccessful families. We as I already spoke, have family divisionals, whose daily laborious work helps not only to reveal unsuccessful families, but also to return them to normal life.

this year at schools 97 school inspectors have started to work. They conduct explanatory conversations among pupils, supervise difficult teenagers, reveal leaders of the youth extremist organisations, stop spread of drug addiction. Though, certainly, their work is not settled by it. In this direction we wait bolshej for return and the initiative from pedagogical collectives.

Dear stavropoltsy!

On behalf of Central administrative board of internal affairs across Stavropol Territory warmly I congratulate you, staff and veterans of law-enforcement bodies and internal troops with new 2009!

In coming year the big work on effective counteraction to terrorism and criminality threats, maintenance of reliable protection of the rights and freedom of citizens is necessary to us. It is assured, we with honour will carry out responsible problems which are put before us by the president and the government of the Russian Federation.  

it is sincerely grateful to our veterans, patriotism and which courage are an example for modern generation of employees and military men.

From the bottom of the heart I congratulate you happy New Year! I wish you new successes in service, kind health, happiness and well-being!

the Chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Stavropol Territory the general - the lieutenant of militia Nikolay GONCHAROV.