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When we will go to Europe without visas?

Estonian question

- Sergey Viktorovich, my mother-in-law living in Estonia, has issued the invitation. Invitation number has informed. Where it is possible to issue the visa? We want to go by bus Kaliningrad - Tallinn which follows through Lithuania and Latvia. A leah it is necessary to make out still visas to Lithuania and Latvia? Yours faithfully a family Clean.

- the Visa can be issued in consular department of Embassy of Estonia in Moscow on a presentation of the original of the invitation. In the presence of the Estonian Schengen visa transit visas for journey through Lithuania and Latvia are not required.

- Our daughter has married. Parents of the husband live in Estonia, but in a civil marriage. The husband of mother is not the father of the son-in-law. A leah I can invite them? The relationship will matter?

- the Relationship in this case has no basic value. To issue the standard invitation it is possible in Management of Federal migratory service (UFMS) across the Kaliningrad region. But thus you should guarantee material and medical maintenance of the invited person.

- And it is possible to go under the Polish Schengen visa to Estonia?

- Yes but only if it is the repeated Schengen visa. In this case e at first to visit that country which has given out you the repeated Schengen visa, and then it is possible to visit other countries Shengena. Thus it is necessary to consider that the general time of abiding in the country which has given out the visa, should exceed, as a rule, number of days of a finding in other Schengen countries.

  - Hello. A leah is considered a question on service of inhabitants of our area in Consulate general of Estonia in St.-Petersburg? I was born in Narva. There there were tombs of my near relations. Where I can issue the visa to a trip to this country?

- In St.-Petersburg there is a Consulate general of the Estonian Republic which competence extends on the consular district including a part of regions Severo - the West of Russia. So it has turned out that the Kaliningrad region it is written down behind Embassy of Estonian Republic in Moscow. However if you intend to visit tombs of relatives abroad by way of exception the visa can be received and in Consulate general of Estonia in St.-Petersburg.

Seamen complain

  - Hello, dear Sergey Viktorovich! I since 1985 go to the sea. We face infringements of our professional rights. We are deceived by ship-owners. Us capture. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will protect the citizens who are abroad? As far as I know, it is one of functions of this department, a leah not so? If where - nibud in Nigeria or in Somalia gangsters put a trunk to my temple, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs will help? Speak, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Moscow, there is a special department on a piracy, a leah so it?

- your emotions are quite explainable. The Russian diplomats operatively react to such cases and, despite weight of complexities of legal, financial and other order, undertake all possible to help the people who have appeared in a misfortune.

In cases of occurrence of crisis situations it would recommend to be converted by phone directly into ours zagranuchrezhdenie in the country of your abiding. Watch there is conducted round the clock. Numbers of corresponding phones followed attend through the Internet beforehand.

How to confirm citizenship

- Sergey Anatolevich Disturbs. I have arrived to Kaliningrad from Kazakhstan in June of this year. At me a question on procedure of acknowledgement of the Russian citizenship. The inquiry from consulate of Kazakhstan about my Russian citizenship at me on hands, but it is dated 1998.

- would Recommend to show the inquiry available for you on acquisition of the Russian citizenship in corresponding division UFMS across the Kaliningrad region together with the petition for delivery of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

- I the legislative citizen, have passed 180 days as I have arrived to Russia, under the law soon should leave back, and then again arrive to Kaliningrad. A leah is a guarantee, what citizenship acknowledgement will have time to make?

- On this subject to you followed contact with UFMS across the Kaliningrad region as questions of granting of the Russian citizenship are in their competence.

- Our son lives in Germany, has citizenship of this country. A leah can receive it a dual citizenship?

- Exact consultation can give in UFMS across the Kaliningrad region. If your son is converted into our consular establishment abroad with the petition for reception of the Russian citizenship, from it will necessarily demand formal refusal of German citizenship.

Frontier problems

- Sergey Viktorovich, are converted inhabitants of settlement Chernyshevsky Nesterovsky area. We live on border with Lithuania. When at us the visa question will be resolved?

- you, probably, mean possibility of introduction of preferential, visa-free suppression of border discussed now inhabitants of frontier territories within 30 - a kilometre zone?

- Yes.

- Then would like to tell that consultations under texts of projects of corresponding agreements are conducted with the Lithuanian and Polish colleagues any more one month. We count that next year we can leave on concrete results. As a result inhabitants of frontier territories will acquire the right to make out preferential reusable the admission that without visas to drive to frontier territories of Lithuania and Poland. I believe that under favorable circumstances it can happen in the first half of the year 2009.

  - a leah It is possible to get the Lithuanian visas not only in Kaliningrad? And then, at us in Lithuania relatives, friends are buried. And to us give out only disposable visas

- you can get the Lithuanian visas and in consulate of Lithuania in Sovetske. For this purpose the invitation or other basis for visitation of Lithuania is necessary. If will present the documents bearing that in territory of the next republic there are burial places of relatives, to you visas without a presentation of invitations can be twice a year issued.

the European Union does not hurry to open borders

- Sergey Viktorovich, a leah it is possible to return former practice when kaliningradtsam made out multi-visas to Lithuania and Poland without the invitation from that party? After all the most difficult to receive the invitation original.

- Yes, really, in most cases for registration of visas, including in the Schengen countries, the invitation original, and also presence of the medical insurance and payment of consular gathering at a rate of 35 euros as, actually, same it is required and by rules of reception of the Russian visas is required.

As to possible return to a mode of registration so-called the Kaliningrad preferential visas for trips to Lithuania and Poland speech about it while in full does not go. The most realistic offers look to restore the separate elements of former system facilitating procedures of registration of visas and crossing of border.

- Why EU does not hurry to go on the visa-free agreement with Russia?

- Achievement of arrangements on uniform visa-free space of Russia and the European Union - our strategic problem.

Work in this direction is already conducted. The agreement between Russia and EU about returning of illegal emigrants (about readmissii) is entered into. To the Russian citizens, including living in the Kaliningrad region, international passports " are already made out; new generation with high degree of protection against fakes. Operates signed in 2006 the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the European community about simplification of issue of visas to citizens of the Russian Federation and EU assuming a number of preferences at registration of invitations and visas. So step by step we, together with our European colleagues, move ahead in a correct direction.

- How to get to you on reception?

- it is very simple. Our address: Street of Kirov, the house 17. Consular reception is spent in the working days from 9 o`clock till 12 o`clock.