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Zahar PRILEPIN: “ After a meeting with Putin me on meetings detain politely “

At Zahara Prilepina unusual reputation. Popular, even the fashionable writer and... The politician - a radical. Even ekstremal therefore as Prilepin was when - that the insurgent forbidden by law NBP. It seemed to me that if to speak with the writer about an economic crisis it there should be Zahar. Maturing   the revolutionary to whom already is what to lose...
- At me three children, and I normally feel in Russia. I do not thirst for shocks and I do not want to risk future. I very much do not want shocks, but I understand that they are inevitable.
- Why?
- Our interest in stability as our interest, say, in dinner reception, automatically does not mean that will feed us with this dinner. I not the political economist, not the sociologist, not the political scientist, I the writer describing and another`s emotions. Also I think that crisis is inevitable at all from the political or social point of view, and from the point of view of the metaphysical. In Russia the large quantity of people behaves in absolutely shameless, ugly image. Russia step by step breaks the basic postulates of life which it is impossible to break. It has made harm and, and the citizens, and on a broader scale the history too much. And in this sense accumulation of this bad energy will be resolved sooner or later. Simply recognising that God is...
100 years ago, in 1913, it was celebrated 300 - letie the House of Romanovs, all country exulted, crowds admired went. But honour the literature of those times. Honour Bunin`s stories which could not be suspected of sympathy for revolutionaries. It within one year had some stories, and everyone began with a word “ Last “: “ Last autumn “ “ Last summer “... There was a sensation istonchennosti all trues that something approached to the ending. Yes, there merchants grew rich, roads were under construction, the industry developed, wanted to win Constantinople. And simultaneously with it there was a sensation of any forthcoming nightmare. And it have fixed all - and Chekhov, both Bitter, and Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, both futurists, and the symbolists calling gunnov to the own harm. Today too it is enough to read texts of the most endowed, most remarkable not politized writers to understand that the sensation of a future apocalypse in Russia is in the air.
- But for creative people sensation of an apocalypse quite normally.
- Yes, normally. But its concentration now reads off scale. Notice, for example, that today even the image of the writer is excluded on a broader scale from television as that. I mean the Writer from capital letter. Never we there will see neither Rasputina, nor Belova. Even Solzhenitsyna during last times did not invite to television. I think that there is no interest in that to a society have presented a picture of its future.
- As - that at you all is gloomy... But the rating is in power high. Besides that Russians not so are naive.
- All of us adult people and fine understand that there is a power rating as that and there is a rating of the president. These are absolutely different things. Here the rating of the president, two our governors, is very high. And the power rating as that - a rating of Office of Public Prosecutor, the State Duma, militia - zapredelno is low. At us people do not trust any state institute.
- But in Russia so was always!
- Not always was so. Not always the natural cynicism penetrated all society, as radiation.
- And what future at young politicians, how you?
- I dream of a political field where the youth would not be put before a choice - or it is entered in the state structure as the boy on pobegushkah, or is not present. It is abnormal system! Or Komsomol, or bombisty. There is Ilya Yashin, Kozyrev Oleg, Sergey Shargunov, Masha Gaydar, Alexey Navalnyj. People intelligentnejshie, from hereditary families of the Soviet intelligency.
They - that obviously not will anybody neither to bomb, nor to blow up. But they do not have possibility to participate in the real policy.
- At the TV hint?
- Certainly! The TV is our reality. I remember, sat in one program. I speak on any not political subject - say, the person can be everybody - though the joiner, though the president, though the carpenter. And this phrase shown on the TV, has been cut accurately off in the middle. I have told: though the joiner though the carpenter can be. But to tell “ though the president “ why - that has appeared it is impossible.
- And what for then you were necessary for television?
- There are already used very up, istasovany political figures. Many zakolebali all! The same “ To a barrier! “ - unbounded shuffling of the same persons. Therefore it was necessary ponovee to start somebody. Here the choice has fallen on me, but I live in Nizhni Novgorod, and to me simply laziness there - here to be wound for the sake of 20 minutes in the TV.
- In your scandalous book “ Sanka “ the same question converted to revolutionaries flashes: and what for? 99 percent of Russians the big eyes look on “ revolutionaries “ also do not understand, what for these strange people huliganjat? Senselessly!
- In life by and large all is senseless. That, there is a sense in daily perusal “ “? In creation of a family and a birth of children? All after all will die eventually. Sense on a broader scale human life in use of the substance of life, in absorbing of this substance, unceasing attempts to resound with will of God to hear It. All world history is constructed on acts shimnikov, mad poets, pirates, the revolutionaries which sense of actions was equal to zero, and can be, minus figure. Than Grigory Melehov was engaged? What for Byron has gone to rescue Greeks? It is possible to set thousand such questions - but it, it appears, and there is a world history, instead of notorious “ evolution “ according to which only vegetables on beds ripen.
- you talk politics or creativity?
- the Policy - is creativity, and I politicise as a creativity part. I politicise as the person who does not want this “ it is unique a correct and unique reality “ which we are trained by the TV. I do not believe it! There is other reality, there is other policy, there are other emotions, there are other persons, there is other mimicry, instead of that which I see on the TV. It not live people, and I of the general with them do not want to have anything!
- And children in the masks, rushing into the ministries with a red flag. You think, they are nice?!
- And what other can offer the state to these young men? If in our country the prestige of military service has been developed... If we had a cult not the manager or the young, succeeding homosexual, and the normal slogger... When you saw last time on the TV of the successful officer which is happy with the army life? Or the young tractor operator who normally works, earns, feeds the family? Or the young professor who does not dream to go abroad and there to trade in brains? At us social reference points - landmarks, as if specially for people immoral are placed.
Then consider that the majority of citizens of Russia live not in Moscow, and in small towns of type of Saransk, Arzamas, Malourjupinska and Small Udach. I happen in these small towns periodically. It is other-wordly life. Someone has written recently about it very precisely: Travel across Russia is remarkable that it not geographical, but historical. It is possible in XIÕ to leave a century, it is possible in XVIII. To master and at once to overcome these two centuries of thousand teenagers which become an inveterate drunkard in small towns, it is simple not in a status...
- Me why - that seems that in fights of Russia on caucasus you with the power should be are solidary.
- Yes, but with reservations. I consider that Russia should operate on an advancing, without supposing attack to Tshinval. Also the mask of the state patriot is, frankly speaking, disgusting to me. Such professional fan of all actions of the power. There could be there eight variants of development of actions, but people in the TV joyfully would accept any of these variants. Therefore to participate in a wedded feast of pleasure concerning returning of Russia the imperial status I do not wish. Russia has led so forcedly - differently there would be a full loss of the person before own nation.
- And how to be with West criticism?
- Me on a broader scale to spit on the western countries. I am am stirred with my own. Recently I only in France was four times. A word “ democratic “ it is very conditionally applicable to the western democracies. There not that that double or threefold standards. There simply unbounded set of any standards, through which as through a fence, you will not get never. They look at you not understanding, unseeing eyes. We for them the big and terrible country. About it to me after the fifth bottle of wine was spoken by Frenchmen. We simply are afraid of you, speak. Russia - the gloomy, mysterious country. It and actually gloomy and mysterious. And for the western mind especially.
- you together with group of writers as - that has invited in “ It is new - Ogarevo “ Vladimir Putin. How impressions?
- I have not seen there anything that did not expect to see. The president as the president, pies as pies, labrador as labrador. I both concerned the power, and I concern. By the way, after this meeting the OMON to me did not do any indulgences. To the contrary, there was a record - I on meetings was detained by time 50. However, politely. All the others threw on the earth and dragged for feet, and me akkuratnenko conducted...