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The inhabitant of Tula became the winner of competition « the Teacher of year of Russia - 2010 »

On Tuesday evening, on October, 5th, sights of all teachers of the country have been chained to TVs. From five applicants for a rank of the All-Russia competition « the Teacher of year of Russia – 2010 » chose the absolute winner. But this year, for the first time for all time of existence of competition, jury has chosen at once two winners: teachers of biology of Volhonshchinsky high school of Plavsky area Andrey Garifzjanova and the mathematics teacher of Michael Slucha from Moscow. The main prize - the big crystal pelican in Day of the teacher to them was handed over personally by president Dmitry Medvedev at solemn ceremony in the State Kremlin palace.

we Will remind, Andrey Garifzjanov has in « to a coin box » and a small crystal pelican. It has received this award for an exit in the five of winners.

to receive the merited victory, our fellow countryman had to prove jury that it - the best among 200 thousand participants of competition.

- I am sincerely glad to Andrey`s victory - it means that there are true experts on the Tula earth, - the governor of the Tula area Vyacheslav Dudka has congratulated the best teacher of year.

- We from the very beginning believed in Andrey`s victory, at it was « strong » preparation, - admits the regional curator of competition « the Teacher of year – 2010 » Galina Shajturova . – But the intrigue was saved till last moment: names of absolute winners became known only on the culmination of solemn ceremony of rewarding. By the way, it is primary to us otvelimesta on a balcony. And on the eve of rewarding have asked to change an orchestra. We have conceived it as a positive sign and knowingly!

After rewarding Andrey Garifzjanov has given exclusive interview « Andrey, « » congratulates you on victory. What have you felt, when you declared the absolute winner?

- Me has covered having dug emotions! It was the effect of the blown up bomb. And then any feeling of a devastation: I lived some weeks in pressure and here all has ended.

- Who supported you at competition?

- Together with me on rewarding ceremony there have arrived my sister, colleagues from school, my curator. And though during ceremony we were not together (Andrey was behind side scenes, - a bus Comment) I felt their support.

- For the first time competition was defeated at once by two, and an award – a crystal pelican – one. Who will take away it?

- J.Organizatory have made decision to make one more crystal pelican for the second winner. But on it time is required. As Michael Sluch - the Muscovite and to it will be easier to take away a figurine it has conceded a crystal pelican to me.

- That, in your opinion, the most difficult in work of the teacher?

- to Develop in character patience. This main thing in work with children.

- Why you have decided to become the teacher?

- At us a pedagogical family. My grandmother was the teacher of initial classes. My sister Lena the teacher of history, natural sciences and geography. And I initially the teacher did not want to be – dreamt to connect the life with biological sciences. But in our region to get education in this direction it is possible only in peduchilishche or peduniversitete. And has then started to work with children and « it was involved ».

- the Trade of the teacher not the most highly paid in our country. That you can advise to young experts and graduates of pedagogical high schools, at which « the soul lies » to work at school, but the salary does not arrange, and young men stand at the crossroads?

- If teachers always were guided by the salary at schools would not remain any teacher. Yes, the salary small. But always it is possible to type pupils on tutoring. Besides, there are various competitions and grants, for victory in which give good awards.

- What do you think of innovations in an education system, for example to Unified State Examination?

- I consider that it is necessary to improve system of total certification of pupils and to create « Memory system following the results of research work of pupils ». To create commissions of experts which will estimate research activity of pupils. After all there is a list of the Olympic Games which winners arrive in high schools without examinations. I am assured that it is necessary to develop the list of competitions and the Olympic Games which will allow children to leave school without examinations.

  - a leah electronic textbooks and electronic diaries Are necessary, in your opinion?

- All - taki school – they are teachers. But technical novelties allow to facilitate and improve training process. Very much it would be desirable, that education system development, including on seleine only in a Year of the teacher, but also it is constant.

- What you see the future in 5 years?

- I am assured that my future will be connected with the Tula area. I like to teach and at my school, and in Peduniversitete. And in spite of the fact that the rector of the Moscow State University after victory in competition has offered me work in the most prestigious high school of the country, I have refused. Simply yet did not realise itself completely at school.


Andrey Ruzilevich Garifzjanov

Was born on July, 21st, 1986.

Education: in 2009 has finished   TGPUim. L.Tolstoy on a speciality « the Teacher of chemistry and biology ».

Career: now Andrey - the post-graduate student of stand of botany and technology of plant growing Tula peduniversitetapo specialities « Physiology and biochemistry of plants ».

Since 2006 works on a speciality in « to Volhonshchinsky average comprehensive school ».

Awards : 28 scientific and scientifically - methodical publications. Among its awards:

- the presidential grant to the best teachers of the Russian Federation within the limits of the Priority national project « Education » (2010),

- the certificate of honour of the winner of a regional stage of the All-Russia competition « the Teacher of year – 2010 » (2010),

- the honourable diploma of the winner of the All-Russia competition « the Young teacher » (2010),

- the grant of the governor of the Tula area of the talented and endowed youth « Achievements in scientifically - research activity » (2008),

- the grant of head of administration Plavskogorajonatalantlivoj and the endowed youth « Achievements in scientifically - research activity » (2008).


Besides Andrey Garifzjanova in the Palace of Congresses have awarded 90 teachers of the Tula area – winners   a regional stage of professional competition of the priority national project « Education ».

the INQUIRY « »

Competition « the Teacher of year of Russia » it is spent in our country since 1990. This year in its selection regional tours have taken part more than 200 thousand teachers. In the ending there were 76 teachers 76 subjects of the Russian Federation - 16 men and 60 women at the age from 24 till 56 years.