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Stavropoltsy will pay for heat which has come to the houses before term, under indications of counters

the Come colds have forced townspeople before usual to muffle up in warm clothes and with hope to glance at heating radiators. After all officially the cold season begins on October, 15th. But the sharp cold snap has forced to start city system of heating almost for ten days earlier.

- Warmly in social establishments and apartments of the regional centre began to arrive since October, fifth, - the director of committee of municipal economy of a city administration of Stavropol Alexander Semenov makes comments on a situation. - sharp fall of daily average temperature of external air below eight degrees of heat on Celsius within several days, according to the Rules confirmed by the governmental order of the Russian Federation from May, 23rd, 2006 307 « became the Basis for heat giving in town houses; About an order of granting of utilities to citizens ». Therefore a city administration the decision on the cold season beginning was accepted.
However some townspeople have expressed concern to that payment for thermal energy becomes much more from - for the premature beginnings of the heating period. The size of a payment for heat and hot water supply is defined proceeding from volume of consumption of thermal energy and the tariff established for Open Society « the Heating system » the Regional tariff commission of Stavropol Territory. This year 1 gigakalorija (so thermal energy unit is called) there are 1130,48 roubles.
If in the house collective devices of the account the volume of thermal energy used for calculation of a payment, is defined on obshchedomovym to devices of the account of thermal energy and the heat-carrier are established and is distributed between all inhabitants of the house. Proprietors of apartments in whom such counters are established, pay heat giving seasonally. Charges for heating in November, December, January, February, March will considerably above to what we have got used, paying for specifications, in October and April – more low, and from May till September of charge for heating are not made. As a result, as practice has shown, in most cases payment for heating according to the instrument account following the results of a year is less, than a uniform payment under specifications.
- Proprietors of the habitation, which house are not equipped by account devices, pay for heat under specifications of consumption within all year, - explains main kommunalshchik cities. - as to payment for these ten days recalculation,   will be made; as itself « the Heating system » should pay off with suppliers for the given gas above permitted standard.
Also the director of committee of municipal economy has noticed that all boiler-houses of Open Society « the Heating system » Are translated to a winter operation mode and are completely ready to the beginning of a cold season 2010 - 2011.