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We leave in the Internet quickly, it is favourable and reliable

Everyone who though occasionally uses the Internet, wants, that communication was qualitative and fast. However not all know, how it to achieve. In our city there is a set of providers, and accordingly, tariff plans and technologies of connection. To understand this variety frequently not under force even to the advanced users. How to choose the most suitable provider, the tariff plan? To talk about it in a press - the centre « we have invited representatives of the companies offering murmanchanam access to the Internet. Responded to pressing questions the manager on work with corporate clients of the company of Open Society « 2 » Alexander Konstantinovich Andrushchenko, the chief of department of contracts of the company of Open Society « 2 » Tatyana Valentinovna Tukanova and the commercial director of Murmansk branch of Open Society « severo - the Western Telecom » Olga Vladimirovna Shangina.


- Hello, dear friends! The Internet became today an integral part of our life and it can be accepted as a reality. But there are those who will get acquainted with it for the first time. Therefore let`s begin with a question: on what it is necessary to pay attention at a tariff plan choice. It will be the original recommendation for beginners, and experienced users, probably, learn for themselves something new.


the Commercial director of Murmansk branch of Open Society « severo - the Western Telecom » Olga Vladimirovna Shangina.
the Photo: Lyudmila SHEKA

Olga Shangina:
- Usually the consumer at first chooses not technology of connection to the Internet, and the tariff plan. Easier because more habitually first of all to pay attention to price characteristics, and then on the qualitative. Though actually it is necessary to be defined, for what purposes access to the Network then and with tariffing will understand easier is necessary to you. Internet users should correlate intensity of the net surfing and the sum which they plan to spend for this service.

As a whole, the gradation of tariffs now goes very simple: tariff plans with the fixed volume of the traffic and limitless which do not limit the person in use of a network the Internet. Our Company with
on September, 1st this year has entered the new tariff plan « Avant-guard Time » with tariffing on a usage time, instead of on speed of access or the included volume of the traffic. We offer subscribers for a small monthly fee (250 roubles a month) 900 minutes of access to a network the Internet for the speed of 500 KB/ second Is the convenient house-keeper - a variant for consumers which use the Internet periodically, from time to time, but want to receive decent speed.

- Time has started talking about speeds. Today many like to look video directly on the Internet. The great speed is for this purpose necessary?

is depends, of course, on in what format it is made by video. Some sites try to facilitate it because they are interested that was more visitors. 500 KB/ sek – the minimum speed necessary for given operation. In the same social networks which are strongly filled today by a video content, will be on more low speed very difficult.

- Thanks. We come back to tariff plans. What will colleagues tell?


the Manager on work with corporate clients of the company of Open Society « 2 » Alexander Konstantinovich Andrushchenko.
the Photo: Lyudmila SHEKA

Alexander Andrushchenko:

- last years the Internet has ceased to be any specific tool of system administrators, programmers and etc. Computers and Virtual network have entered into each house. Today people who come to us, frequently only - only have got the personal computer and there and then go to be connected to the Network.

All who already any time has worked on the Internet, know, that want and are guided. Beginners ask advice.

As to the tariff plan for beginners, in most cases they and do not know what to choose, but in the Internet already want. It is necessary for them, as phone and the TV. My recommendations to beginners – to choose the limitless tariff plan, proceeding from the present financial possibilities. It in the same way as now, having come to shop, on show-windows you see tens TVs with similar parametres, but different names and the price. Try, orient. The Internet has passed in the same stage: the choice is diverse. It agree with Olga Vladimirovnoj, all depends on how intensively you intend to use the Internet incidentally, off and on, every day or round the clock. I will notice that tarifitsiruemye tariffs now choose ever less house users. Prefer the limitless plan on the pocket – so easier to plan the budget. Be defined, you count on what sum. The most popular plans in a range from 500 to 1000 roubles for house users. It will be pleasant – remain, is not present – it is possible « to be accelerated » or « to slow down ». Anybody after all does not force you all time to be on the chosen tariff plan. Something has ceased to arrange: very slowly, very quickly, it is very expensive - the plan can be changed easily and simply.

- it is detailed enough. Thanks. And there and then following question: how to change the tariff plan?


the Chief of department of contracts of the company of Open Society « 2 » Tatyana Valentinovna Tukanova.
the Photo: Lyudmila SHEKA

Tatyana Tukanova:

- At us it is possible to change only personally under the written statement with a passport presentation. Transition paid. But in the near future the scheme can be changed. On more convenient.

Olga Shangina:

- We give to the subscribers various possibilities quickly and free of charge to pass to the new tariff plan. Traditionally it can be made under the personal statement in points of sales and Open Society servicing « SZT » and also having called in round-the-clock service it is information - technical support (by phone 8 - 118 - 00). Besides, in the near future to clients of Open Society « SZT » interactive service on tariff plan change in the Private office of users on a service site « will be accessible; Avant-guard ».

to PULL the CABLE OR to be connected THROUGH PHONE?

- it is clear. We go further. Now we will be converted to ways of connection to the Internet.

Olga Shangina:

- As to ways of connection to the Internet the client can choose some variants. For example, with use of a cable or without a lining of an additional seeing-off in apartment of the subscriber, on already existing telephone line - such variant is offered by our company.

Alexander Andrushchenko:

- On granting of access to the Internet we the company young. And our type of connection now roughly develops - Metro Ethernet. It is an optical line to a building and Ethernet to the subscriber. Success Metro Ethernet is caused first of all by following reasons: high speed of 100 Mbit/ c - to each subscriber, ease of connection, simplicity in options – all options come automatically; and that is important for the end user, does not demand expenses for the additional equipment for connection (modems and other). The minus for the subscriber too is is a cable which not all want to lay themselves on apartment in which European-quality repair is already made.

But in Murmansk till now it is a lot of citizens who use   access to the Network on Dial - up (a telephone line + the analogue modem)   and   ADSL – the most widespread connection for today, the same infrastructure, as at modem connection. The only thing - that a little bit other technology. Speed considerably above, connection more reliable. The wide circulation has, because the telephone system has been constructed for a long time, in Soviet period, it needed to be used only. The person needs to buy only the modem, to conclude the contract and to use. However this connection is strictly adhered to phone and a telephone line. Using or without using phone, you are urged to pay for phone, after all to connect Network without it it is impossible. And if you in the house do not have phone and in the Internet you not to get, but not it is the basic minus, ADSL – demands adjustment for a concrete telephone user`s line as lines basically old and are laid for a long time, speed in times concedes technologies Metro Ethernet.   ADSL is a technology of the asymmetric channel (proceeding speed of less speed entering), necessity of purchase of the additional equipment (the modem, spliter); Dependence of transit velocity of the data on quality of a telephone line; but also problematical character of installation in the apartments standing on « the protection panel » and   « coupled » lines.

As to wireless access it just for those who already with European-quality repair.   topology of our city – a hilly terrain, hills. It does not give possibility to use technology WI - FI easily and cheaply to capture all city. But wireless local networks get popularity among house and office users more and more. Today wireless networks allow to give connection of users there where cable connection (European-quality repair is complicated or full mobility) is necessary. Thus wireless networks co-operate with wire networks. For expansion in apartment or small office of a wireless network our company offers a value added service: we   we enter a cable into apartment or office and we place the wireless device with a food from an electric network.

there is no necessity to spoil a wall apertures More and to lay additional cables wireless networks allow to work, play and get access to the necessary information where you were - in the apartment, office - now you are not adhered to a wire network. Your laptop or a workstation always in a network, and you do not need for it to connect a cable. You can work behind the table or pass in other rooms - and constantly to remain connected to a network. The excellent decision for those who wishes speed Metro Ethernet + mobility WI - FI and it is not necessary to drill and spoil the repaired walls.

Olga Shangina:

- I do not want, that people have been misled, our company offers connection on technology ADSL as in the presence of telephone number from Open Society « SZT » and without it. Other question that today value of wire communication on - former is very high. Stationary phone is more reliable assistant, than a mobile phone in that situation when it is necessary to call urgently from the house. Mobile can sit down, on it money can come to an end, and city in this case will be reliable.

On a broader scale, at everyone the Internet - technologies are the merits and demerits, it is possible to argue long on this subject, having gone deep into technical aspects of work of operators of region. But for the subscriber it is great value has no, for it the main thing -   Quality of the service, comprehensible speeds of access and trouble-free work of a network the Internet.
It would be desirable to notice that in the end of 2010 in Murmansk « severo - the Western Telecom » plans to offer services Triple Play (access to a network the Internet on speeds to 40 Mbit/ with, a digital telephony with additional functions, digital interactive television) on the basis of passive fibre-optical networks PON. The optical fiber possesses high carrying capacity and maintains considerable loadings that is important by transfer of great volumes of the traffic. The optical cable will be directly brought to apartment of the subscriber that will allow our clients to connect at once some modern services from one wire on perfect other qualitative level. Plus subscribers will receive additional services and possibility of their further expansion.

Alexander Andrushchenko:

- Truth is a minus and in the given technology – necessity of acquisition by the subscriber of the device which will minister some kind of the adapter for connection of modern technologies to the standard devices: to the computer, the TV, phone. For it it is necessary to pay seriously. And the people do not want to pay today. It floor price interests at a maximum of services.

Olga Shangina:

- Our company in Murmansk area will give to the subscribers, ready to be connected on technology PON, without payment not only the final equipment, but also services in a lining of a cable and equipment adjustment. It will allow to make procedure of connection as much as possible comfortable.



- So, the consumer was defined with the purposes and problems. Further it approaches to not less important question - a choice of the provider. On what to pay attention?

Alexander Andrushchenko:

- we Will recognise that at the person there is a technical possibility to be connected to all operators operating in a city. Speed of access to a global network the Internet   at all   it is approximately identical: plus - a minus of 50 Kbit/ with at similar cost. Yet popolzueshsja, you will not understand that to you it is better. It is important, what besides access to the Internet the operator what goes as a bonus offers you? We as plus give to the subscribers a local network of city scale with speed of access   to each subscriber of 100 Mbit/ c in both parties, IP television with 11 TV channels, system of vocal dialogue for the games, popular game servers, and also a powerful file exchange network.  

in general, it is necessary to compare to additional conditions which will be offered by other operators.    

Olga Shangina:

- And me it seems, almost all providers now aspire to give bonuses. We, for example, give 20 additional gigabytes that the user could place the information in the Network: and etc. Other operators offer a photo, video useful mini - services. How much they are important for the subscriber   – the big question. Is not present more often, but usually at an initial choice of the provider it plays a considerable role.

And on a broader scale want to learn, what service waits for you - come to the company, feel, what there atmosphere, comes on a site the Internet - the provider, look, as there is an informing of subscribers. All of us choose in the company of the partner to which we will trust. It is very important to see it and to understand.

Alexander Andrushchenko:

- I Will support the colleague. Absolutely right thought. We work for subscribers, to us it is important, that they remained are happy. But if in the company of the relation tense it will necessarily concern also clients. Such providers are better for avoiding.

Olga Shangina:

- In summary it would be desirable to wish all net surfers the Internet, let this resource will be the reliable assistant in our surprising and perfect real life, but does not become its replacement. Internet possibilities are boundless, the main thing correctly to choose The provider.

Thanks for interesting recommendations. To new meetings!