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To Stavropol Territory has opened orthodox tea

Orthodoxy and the Chinese tea ceremony - a leah compatibly? It appears, yes! In orthodox cultural - the educational centre « the Ark » Zelenokumska has opened orthodox tea, by the way, while unique in our region! The founder of the centre « the Ark » and orthodox tea protopope Dmitry (Zvezdilin) suggests to look at this question more widely.

- Tea always was the intermediary in any dialogue. Russian tea drinking as that does not exist. As well as Chinese, however. There is a universal tradition of the use of tea. We take the best. I, for example, in the course of tea tasting see not only ability of the interlocutor to dialogue, but also to contemplation of beauty of the God`s world that   to be convinced, how God loves the person! Tea - one of ways to open internal requirement of the person for the perfect.

the Premise for the orthodox centre and tea chose not casually. Before revolution in it settled down tserkovno - parish school. After - a boarding school and uchebno - industrial industrial complex.

- In a hall tea there were 12 lathes on 4 tons is powerful 1948 of release which did not work for a long time already. Around there was a monstrous ruin, - father Dmitry remembers. - to us at once - that also have not believed that in a year we can open in this premise cultural - the educational centre. Even have counted me as madman. And when we with the God`s help have carried out conceived, in it should believe.

Work to the priest and its assistants should be done enormous -   changed a roof, the windows, even one of walls should be shifted.  

Now the small premise of the tea is stylised under manor XVII I - XIX. Conditions cosy, almost house - from tens little tables, home theatre, an iconostas, on walls of a picture with the image of fragments of iconographic scenes. By the way, walls tea are covered by the Venetian plaster which was done by masters specially invited by the father of Germany. At the left - a counter, on it beautiful tea services, a samovar and, certainly, tea assortment. Here more than 100 grades of this drink. Is also such which send directly from tea plantations of China!

to Come drink a seagull in the orthodox tea everyone can, irrespective of confession. The main thing as father Dmitry that he had good intentions speaks.

in the Afternoon here repeat clients schoolboys. There and then at children pass employment on bases of orthodox culture. And in the evening people gather is more senior. Among them both older persons, and young pairs, and even businessmen. After all in a city there is no other place where it would be possible to talk, put easy the feelings in order or to have a rest from fussing day. During week-end here pass employment on studying Shabby and the New testament. Besides, here it is possible to communicate to the priest simply. And all it is accompanied by traditional tea drinking.

By the way to drink tea here it is possible absolutely free of charge. As speak here: in glory God`s. Money from you anybody will not take. But if the visitor wants to thank founders tea, it can leave offerings in a special box.


tea Preparation - employment not from ordinary, are assured workers of the tea. In process it is important both qualitative tea, and good water (by the way, tea make the spring consecrated water), and graceful tea-things, and, certainly, a spirit of the person. It is impossible to prepare tasty tea if you concern preparation carelessly. The attention both to tea, and to people for whom you make it is necessary. The tea drink well shows to the person in whom it a status - in tea ceremony simply will not be places for irritability, anger, haste.

For tea drinking art atmosphere - silent and harmonious is very important. Therefore in tea classical or orthodox music always sounds. With such « peace » the spirit of the Chinese tradition will fine co-ordinate one more rule of club - tolerance. After all any conversation can find the most unexpected turn. In club there is no place for disputes, but there is a place for the different points of view.  

And more one tradition - tea drink without any appetizers and sugar. However it is very difficult to some to get used to such ceremony: a pier, what for to drink empty water? Therefore in tea always a lot of a tasty batch.