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And you have congratulated egg?

be not surprised, professional feasts happen not only at people, but also at products. This unusual day since 1996, on the second Friday of October, under the offer of the International egg commission (IEG) is celebrated. Not each product receives a separate feast. Eggs have merited its universality and popularity. After all to prepare egg very simply is under force to everyone. And at the same time the quantity of dishes which it is possible to prepare from eggs, does not give in to calculation. It is used in the diversified dishes - from soups and sauces to refined desserts.

Egg admires experts with the nutritiousness. In it 12 % of daily norm of consumption of fiber necessary for the person, set of vitamins, and also iron, phosphorus, zinc and all important amino acids, and in optimum proportions contain.

Most of all eggs in the world eat in Japan. On the average each inhabitant of the Country of a rising sun eats on one egg in day.

In the World Day of egg comply also you this remarkable product - make from it a tasty breakfast or a supper. For example, under recipes which offers you « 1

the Swept away omelette when time is not present (is the photo)

Magnificent, nutritious and very gentle dish on taste prepares easily and quickly. The swept away omelette needs 4 eggs, 4 spoons of sour cream, 1 tomato, 50 grammes of cheese, salt and spices. If to bake in silicone formochkah, it turns out portsionnyj and a cheerful omelette which very much is pleasant to children. So, the tomato to cut on circles, cheese - slices. Eggs, sour cream, salt and spices to shake up in a bowl a mixer or a plug. In everyone formochku to put on a slice of cheese and a circle of a tomato and to fill in with their turned out mix. To put in an oven and to bake about 15 minutes to readiness. If is not present formochek, it is possible to make an omelette and in a frying pan. A frying pan preliminary to oil after that to lay out tomatoes and cheese and to fill in with a mix. To fry under a cover.

for Any under force to prepare a tasty and appetizing dish from eggs.
a photo: the author.

the RECIPE 2

Egg in a cup

to Grease a cup inside with a dense layer of butter and to strew grated cheese. A bottom to lay out a layer rublenoj a ham. Egg to shake up, stir and pour out in a cup. From above also to strew rublenoj a ham and grated cheese. Then to put in a pan with boiled water and to cook 12 minutes on a water bath under a cover. The dish with tomato sauce moves.


the RECIPE 3

the Mint omelette

On two portions will be necessary: 5 eggs, one table spoon of fresh mint, 85 grammes of the frozen peas, 50 grammes of the cheddar cheese, crackling bread and green salad.

Eggs to shake up in a bowl to foam, to add the cut mint and the frozen peas, to season with salt and ground pepper. Butter to heat up in a frying pan and when it will start to foam, pour in eggs. To prepare on average fire 3 - 4 minutes, and then to strew cheese and to bake in an oven 2 - 3 mines while cheese will not fuse. To submit with crackling bread and green salad.


the RECIPE 4

Egg ruletiki

it will be necessary for you: 5 - 6 eggs, 150 g milk, 3 - 4 table spoons of a flour, 6 sausages, 150 g firm cheese, 150 g easy mayonnaise and salt.

Eggs, and it is a little salt to mix milk, flour in a mixer. From the received liquid test to bake on a frying pan fritters. On each ready pancake to put a few grated cheese, mayonnaise and sausage. To curtail all it in ruletiki and to lay out them in the form greased with mayonnaise or sour cream. To bake about five minutes in the oven which has been warmed up to 180 degrees - that cheese inside ruletikov has fused.