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You the brilliant teacher, at you perfect pupils

Who it? Certainly, as easy as shelling pears to answer this question: the great teacher, the writer. But there was still our Sima, the colleague on school department native « Cheerful and very serious, the faithful companion, the friend always hurrying to the aid. But thus very delicate. (Half-forgotten nowadays concept.) It was as if is born for protection of children and the childhood, wrote and wrote about school, about education, opening one behind another names of remarkable teachers. Yes so wrote that immutably called delight of one and angry discontent of others. It was at the beginnings « the Scarlet sail » the page first in the Russian journalism for teenagers, has created at edition club « parusjat » but was so it is widely formed, what exactly to it, Soloveychik, edition has charged to shine Tchaikovsky I competition. Was the person of hard destiny as everyone fair, thinking first of all not about itself, and about the business the citizen, but kept with rare worthiness and more often it is quiet, but firmly repeated to us: « do not complain. Do not swear - around children ».

Today elder son Simona Lvovicha Soloveychik Artem Soloveychik responds to our questions.

- in the footsteps of the father - a leah Artem is possible so to say about you? In the childhood, in a youth the sportsman, dream of voyages... How happens, what today you head pedagogical publishing house and the newspaper for the teachers, created by your father?

- I grew in a family of writing people among books, conversations and disputes on serious things, on ideals. And this life to me seemed uninteresting. All time behind a table, behind books, in conversations, and life - the present life - where - that absolutely in other place. And I remember that moment when at early enough age in my consciousness there was a dilemma: to be that who leads such life that about it write stories and novels, or that who writes these novels. I have wanted to be the first, without understanding then that there is no more fascinatingly and more dangerously a travel, than travel to a word that writing and seriously thinking people appear in the core of life behind which open or, more precisely, abysses of human existence are opened wide. Behind them it is not necessary to go to travel - they in us.

in 92 - m to the father possibility to open the obshchepedagogicheskuju the newspaper which he named « was presented to year; on First of September » and at once ten subject applications to it (now them 21). Grandiose business with which it was difficult to consult simply organizational. Something turned out. Something is not present. During any moment the father has called me to help. I on a broader scale understood nothing in newspaper business.

now I think that it is impossible to choose life. The present life finds you. Even if you not understand at once it. Unlike the father who dreamt of the newspaper, I and did not assume that my life will appear so is strong connected with newspaper business. And already in edition has understood, he has conceived how much serious business. And when in 1996 the father has died, doubts were not that it is necessary to do everything that its business proceeded.

- you were absolutely small when your father worked in « » and, of course, could not know and understand, to what ostrakizmu, to what charges in « abstract humanism » your father for articles about respect for children and the childhood, about the doctrine excitedly, for sketches about teachers - innovators was exposed. Now you the father of a five (!) Children, are closely connected with pedagogics. You have understood, why the brilliant journalist, the writer enamoured of problems of education, was so is objectionable to the Soviet officials from pedagogics, komsomolsko - to party functionaries?

- I think that degree of democratic character of the country is defined not only laws on childhood protection, on the rights of children. Original democratic character is defined by that as as you can write about education of children. In the Soviet years there were many conversations on education and on children, but they could exist only so far as as were in a channel of the general ideology... And to say about an education essence, that we should raise the child the Person, instead of oktjabrenkom, the pioneer or the member of the Komsomol, was kramolno. Because, speaking about education of the person, it is necessary to say that makes essence human in us. That is it is necessary to speak about freedom. And not on a broader scale about freedom which can be understood on - to a miscellaneous, but about freedom internal which is not subject to any pressure from the outside. Namely about it the father also wrote. And certainly, it should call extremely acute reaction. Not casually the father could start talking about it at the top of the voice only in the beginning 90 - h when times have changed. And now I am surprised not to that it was not ugoden komsomolsko - to party functionaries and that contrary to all it became such popular among parents and teachers of the country. That is a considerable quantity of people in the country were ready to serious conversation on education. Heard the father. It is surprising. And now, apparently, the situation with it is worse.

- when Simon Lvovich in 92 - the m has created to year the newspaper, many of us thought: here at last will finish with the persecutors and their stupid dogmatic postulants. But it has traced on the newspaper the motto « you the brilliant teacher, at you perfect pupils ». Also did not suppose words of criticism to teachers and school. How you think, why?

- the Father was extremely exact in words. And the newspaper motto « you the brilliant teacher, at you perfect pupils » was not neither casual, nor starry-eyed (« Wherefore what such brilliant teachers, yes look at them! What such perfect pupils? Where you them saw? ») . The motto was some kind of the announcement: without these two conditions, namely without such relation of the teacher to and without such relation to the pupil - neither pedagogics, nor education does not happen. Re-reading, and frequently for the first time reading texts of the father, you understand that it was the person of an internal choice, the most serious thought, and its position was result of its choice, instead of opposition. He fine understood, why it do not understand. And stoically accepted misunderstanding of others. He knew that without internal work the understanding does not arise. Therefore about any criticism of the teacher, school, about any squaring of accounts of speech was not and could not be. Business of people which are engaged in education and education, same, as well as business of the present teacher, - to excite.

- as Simon Soloveychik, in your opinion, would concern those changes which have occurred, occur today at school? What would call it pleasure, and what affliction? Also these pleasures and afflictions would coincide with yours?

- In education today occurs full if so it is possible to tell, « sweep » senses for the sake of which on an extent 70 - 80 - h years few desperate daredevils were ready to offer all. Upgrade destroys school in that its value in which it is school, instead of educational institution. Today the rate becomes on elite, ranging, dividing children on abilities school. The course on effective managers has subordinated to its figure, indicators, results of Unified State Examination. But all it has no relation to pedagogics. And in this sense I think that the father hard would endure occurring changes. In the middle of 90 - h he has already felt many dangerous tendencies which to the full define today school life. Even headings of its articles speak about much: « School or factory of entrants? » « give to children other life » « Rescue school from utopias »... On anniversary Solovejchikovsky readings which will take place on October, 1st and 2, the name of these articles become subjects « round tables » on which teachers and directors of schools to whom it is not indifferent that occurs now in education will gather.

- a leah you how sights of this outstanding teacher affected at home, in a family can tell? How it nurtured you, the children? To that to the main thing your father has taught you?

- the Father was very known among teachers. And, certainly, it was interesting to all, as it nurtures the children. What they? How they study? And here, alas, as to me, the father had nothing to brag. And I at times was perplexed: how at such clever, knowing teacher who was the father in the opinion of everything, such useless son could grow? I studied badly, and the father constantly called in school. But I never heard from it that should make something to be corrected. I have remembered improbable scrupulousness of the father under the relation to me, my sister and the younger brother. Moreover, he even has taught me to undersign for it for a diary decked by the red two, three and unbounded remarks. Understood that own vision of the child - challenging task for school, and forgave school for unavailability to such vision. The huge warm care of children forces to hold the fort even from delights concerning successes. External successes have not enough communication with internal growth. In this sense the father was extremely proof parent. I think that the most important thing to that he has taught me in the relation to own children, to they be to be the proof parent. It is very difficult.

- tell, Artem, a leah is followers Simona Lvovicha Soloveychik? How there was a destiny of teachers - innovators?

- Teachers - innovators became very well-known at the beginning of reorganisation. The main thing that they did and why they were found by the father, - they were able to learn all children, saving their worthiness. And first of all they did not divide children on strong and weak. Today Victor Fedorovich Shatalov, the well-known mathematician, conducts the courses and imparts knowledge to other teachers. Sofia Nikolaevna Lysenkova has ceased to teach at school in initial classes more recently. Evgenie Nikolaevich Ilyin some years ago came from Petersburg on Solovejchikovsky readings which are annually spent in Moscow, and has collected huge audience. And though today it is impossible to speak about any certain community of teachers, adherents of pedagogics of cooperation, but it seems to me that those people who write out our newspaper, write letters to edition, all of them divide the main ideas and principles of pedagogics of cooperation.

- « I an idealist » - has written as - that Simon Soloveychik. Also has explained simply: the idealist is the one who has ideals. Today this concept for many sounds as a ridicule - a century of a pragmatism, cynicism time... A leah seems to you, what in the world becomes ever less people with ideals and the humanism comes off second-best? That is why value of such people as Simon Lvovich Soloveychik - the true humanist, should increase and increase. A leah not so?

- I think that the humanism cannot suffer defeat. Because in serious sense the humanism is not intellectual installation on acceptance and understanding of all people, and the unique result of understanding of bases human in the person. About such understanding the father wrote. Not the humanism comes off second-best. People come off second-best, choosing more simple decisions because so it is more convenient or when there is no neither forces, nor time to speak and operate in essence.

in Soloveychik`s book « Pedagogics for all » I read: « Great happiness to meet the brother on spirit; Greatest of possible happiness - to find the brother on spirit in own son ».

Inna Pavlovna Rudenko waits for your responses.