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To feel Juliem Caesar

When I went to school, it was possible to take the most interesting books in library of all for some days. And at times it was necessary to resort to cunning: I read them during lessons, imperceptibly, holding the book in a lap under a school desk. The blessing, problems were given to me easily: the task from a board has copied, has fast solved and again you go in « adventures » together with the book heroes. … However, it was risky enough: happened that I was fond so that forgot about all on light, and from books the strict voice of Anna Stepanovny could tear off me only:

- And what answer at you has turned out?

I jumped from a place and responded smoothly, and the teacher only swung a head:

- Well not Egorov, and July Caesar is simple - manages to do two business simultaneously! - also added, hardly having hesitated: - I so understand, Irina, what you again in library has elicited the rare book?

she Smiled thus quietly, one corners of lips - that I have not decided what to do two business simultaneously it considers as business good.

With delivery … on mail

Why I have suddenly remembered it? Yes because today has gone on mail to send to the younger brother a parcel. It now in army, repays a debt to the Native land, so messages from the house with different vkusnostjami to which it the big hunter, we with parents have decided to send by turns. In post office I have come tearing along, as always, having been out of breath (time eternally does not suffice), hardly keeping in hands packages with chocolates, cookies and other products. The turn in a window was rather short, I have attached packages near to a rack, have fast filled the form and have looked round: what here can be interesting? Also has suddenly heard the pleasant voice which has seemed to me to acquaintances:

- Only fifty roubles? Issue, please! Here, hold the passport.

my former schoolmate whom I did not see years ten has appeared the Owner of a voice. The meeting with Pashkoj was rough: still, when - that I witnessed their novel with Julenkoj from parallel « ». The novel was transient and short, however Julka has made me believed in their relations. Then we have entered high schools, I have left native Volgograd in other city and have returned only in five years. And the Pasha, as far as I know, after diploma reception married and, I heard, have made quite good career …

It has appeared, on mail of my former messmate has resulted the same, as me: necessity to send a parcel. And at the same time it, being the person vigorous, there and then, as they say, « without departing from cash desk » has concluded the contract on service in a network « the Megaphone » also has received good number.

- you Understand, all time wanted to reach firm salon of communication, to be connected to the Megaphone, but time as - that did not suffice, - has explained Pashka. - And here has casually learnt that on mail now too such service render. And postmen will prompt, on what tariff plan it is better to be connected, and service free. Only it is necessary to bring the minimum advance payment - 50 roubles, but this money on thy bill is enlisted at once. More shortly, service with home delivery. That is on mail, of course, - with a smile he has recovered.

New number

In conversations with the schoolmate time has flown by quickly, and here already the girl seals up my parcel, checks the inventory - a word, all as is necessary. I get the passport which it is required to show - and there and then I remember that for a long time wanted to issue the second SIM - a map « the Megaphone » - for mum at whom on payment of mobile conversations considerable means eternally leave. In any way she will not understand that in a network conversations are always cheaper! I instantly make the decision.

- And it is possible for me and customer address to issue?

- Please!

From two offered I choose the tariff « Native »: I and itself on it so will call each other to us with mum favourably - in the tariff calls stand 2 copecks in a minute of conversation, in a network « the Megaphone » - 5 copecks. And calls on other mobile and city will manage in 95 copecks for a minute. « again I as July Caesar » - flashes in a head, and I smile.

Parcels are sent, user`s contracts are issued. We with Paul left a building of mail together. It appears, he lives absolutely near to my house, and I never and did not know about it! Leaving, we have exchanged phones and have agreed that shortly we will necessarily phone - to agree about a meeting of schoolmates. As - in any way, next year 15 years since that moment as we have received certificates will be executed. « it is necessary to invite Anna Stepanovnu to a meeting, - I have thought. - I will tell to it that I and remained « JUliem Caesar ».