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Psychics will define, who was behind a yacht steering wheel - murderers

the monstrous tragedy has occurred in the Summer of this year on the Pirogovsky water basin. The private boat has swum away anchor buoys, and, it having appeared in a zone with bathing people, has driven on 25 - summer Olesya Ivanov.

the Screw to the girl has chopped off feet, and in spite of the fact that it managed to reach coast, Olesya has died. Guilty of this death till now it is not punished, the investigation, which purpose is carried on - to establish, who was behind a steering wheel those fatal minutes. The captain of a vessel takes all fault on itself though eyewitnesses and at Olesya`s parents have bases to believe that the captain has passed a steering wheel to the third party. Behind the help heart-broken parents were converted to psychics. Editors « Fights of psychics » will give to clairvoyants only personal things of the girl which lives were with it last day. If psychics define, to whom they belong and what`s happened with their owner, that, can they will see also the originator of this awful death?

Other part of the program will be devoted a star   a teleserial « Are happy together » to Natalia Bochkarevoj. Its dog, jorkshirskogo a terrier, have stolen directly on shootings. It was made by sceptics of the program brothers of Safronovy. Have stolen a dog, of course, exclusively for the sake of experiment with janovidjashchimi. But illusionists have made it so dexterously that now Natalia at all does not suspect where there is its favourite: in another`s apartment, on a children`s playground or it have taken away in other area of Moscow? A leah psychics can find for a dog and return to its proprietress? How they are going to trail an animal, without having the uniform help?

TNT, « Fight of psychics » Friday, 20. 00