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You want to catch the neighbour - the swindler? Rise in turn!

thousand vladimirtsev have received receipts where the wild sums for an electricity on ODPU (that in the people it is accepted to name « are exposed; light at an entrance » though actually it is the energy spent by the house as a whole, including losses and leaks). It is On the average added from 100 to 300 roubles, but there are the inhabitants who have received of an abacus on ODPU on 1000 roubles!

At a normal deal of an abacus for an electricity on ODPU should not exceed 10 - 15 % from the bill for light in apartment. That is if in apartment has burnt up on 300 roubles — on ODPU should be no more than 50 roubles.
- At me in the receipt on ODPU the sum of 115 roubles is specified, thus, that the last months the sum was from 30 to 40 roubles, and for a room electricity in September the bill on 300 roubles has come, - our reader Natalia from street Tihonravova has complained.
is means that someone steals an electricity or where - that there are big losses, - have explained in a press - service VKS. - It is necessary to reserve power audit in a management company.
Power audit — it means the commission comes and checks all house thoroughly: a leah all counters turn in the correct party, in what status conducting, a leah is not present unapproved connections. After that vydjutsja recommendations about replacement of counters and conducting, and catch thieves of an electricity and punish.
Our reader Natalia from street Tihonravova and has made: has called in a management company — Ϲ4 - also has demanded to spend power audit.
- Bring the demand, - have told in power department ZHREP 4. - We will put your house in turn. But before the middle of November to you nobody will come, it is a lot of demands, all we will check by turns.
It in what status, interesting, there should be electric networks in city houses that checks have been painted on one and a half month forward! Thus, what inhabitants on a broader scale - that not especially willingly contact management companies? It is sad, but whom the turn this month will not reach, and for October the overestimated bills will come...