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Boldness of vision of Nariste Alievoj

Within the limits of an exhibition it has been presented about 40 pictures – painting and the drawing, the mixed technics, about 30 photoworks, three installations - « the Black book »   « the White labyrinth » video poetic installation « Over time abyss » - and the collection of verses with the same name and prose. The rare exhibition can be presented in so wide specific range, and it proves that Nariste Alievoj is what to tell and show to the spectators.

at opening of an exhibition the assistant to the general director of company MegaCom Zhyldyz Karatalova has warmly responded about creativity of Nariste Alievoj, having told:
- Tvorchestvo Nariste — it is symbiosis of the Asian culture and the European adaptability to manufacture. I am proud of that I am the contemporary of this talented girl. She is an experimenter, the artist of the new sample who has united absolutely different directions in art, having saved ability to surprise and admire.
being nature paradoxical, Nariste Aliev`s works has managed to ship the spectator in the world inconsistent tajnopisi the soul. In showroom especial atmosphere reigned: peering into pictures of Nariste, you feel other reality, pulsing life of colour, a freedom of expression and an expression. At the same time it is mysterious and charujushcha video poetry of Nariste. In places it sounds as a mournful prayer about something lost, shchemjashche favourite, but not so not belonging to this world.
about two exhibitions presented by the author installations it would be desirable to tell separately. Through installation « the Black book » Nariste Aliev has shown, how the darkness beginning absorbs people the hopelessness, and the death of the book personifies destruction of spirituality and society falling.  


installation « is Even more bewitching; the White labyrinth » which represents snow-white colour a bookcase in the form of a labyrinth in which books in bright covers are spread out. A labyrinth,   as the way symbol, expresses idea of movement of the person to true. Movement here – an exit from an inertness status, and passage through a labyrinth – It not only updating and transfiguration, but also a new, bright birth.  

Being a basic conceptual thread of an exhibition, « the White labyrinth » sets as the purpose to show to the spectator a word – logos – the book, as a source of knowledge, wisdom and light. Such model of outlook marks a way to an overcoming the crisis. After long abiding in darkness probably two ways: a way of death and immersing to an abyss, from which there is no other way out, or an appropriation of light in itself, transition from destruction to creation and creativity, as to a source of vital force and belief.


Nariste Aliev`s works has once again reminded all of us that creation – the integral part of human life, and kindly always conquers harm even if time of time for it it is necessary hardly more. The Most important thing – not to allow to die away to internal light which is in each of us, and to continue to bear it in years and destructions to good and creation.

Ajbek Baratov,   the creative director of Public Fund « the Civil Initiative the Internet - politicians » has shared with « the impressions about action:

- Nariste – the purposeful, creative person who wants to develop and support culture in the country. Dialogue with it loads energy and belief in the future. To tell that the exhibition was pleasant to me, means not to tell anything! I still never saw such high level of giving of the creativity in Kyrgyzstan, and the video poetry so me has amazed that I plan to be engaged in her after detailed studying of a direction.


Itself Nariste Aliev admitted that did not expect to receive so wide and versatile response.

- I went to it more than 15 years! Dreamt, thought over the smallest details, and now each spectator has found something in my works, personal.   I from the very beginning would like, that the poetry and a visual number of an exhibition have been bound. My career is that, what it is, thorny, difficult. That is why at an exhibition and in the collection I have presented it in development, since a youth on the present moment. One woman admitted that could not constrain some tears at video poetry viewing as before its look all her life with all pain and pleasure was carried by. For me such response &ndash is important; because I have opened the soul, without hiding admiration, irony and horror before this world. That who could read this information understand, I will be grateful for the rest of the natural, - the author speaks.


On a question that Nariste has seen and in what it was convinced of a course of carrying out of an exhibition, she has responded so:

- My exposition has helped me to realise much, has specified the further vector of development. Creative young men should to operate, to be afraid to present the vision, to be exposed in the National museum, to leave on wider audience, and for the whole world. Moreover, it is necessary to expand knowledge of people not only about classical, but also about the modern art as it seems to me very strange that in spite of the fact that we live in 21 century, many young men consider till now that the art purpose – it first of all dostavlenie aesthetic pleasure. But pleases another: I have met many adherents who have wide idea about development of the Kirghiz and world culture, not indifferent to that in our country occurs. I think that together we can make many interesting projects. They motivirovany and that is important, possess creative and organising potential. For today at us this rare, but valuable quality as in the modern world it is not enough to be only talented, it is necessary also to be able to operate the talent.