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Will examination eks - the governor is appointed and the actor of Michael Evdokimova

we Will remind that the statement of claim to court has submitted   the beloved « the national governor » - Nadezhda Zharkova. She has given birth from Evdokimova to the daughter to Anastas. To the girl 15 years. This daughter - not suddenly arisen, not « disputable » not « not recognised ». Michael Sergeevich Nastju recognised the krovinochkoj since its most birth, in all documents of the girl in the column « the father » are written down his name - a surname.   but at the same time the actor had official wife, now the widow - Galina Evdokimova who too has given birth to it to the daughter - Anna.

dispute for the inheritance for which widow Evdokimova and both daughters of the actor apply, and became the reason of judicial suit. Anna, by the way, has refused the share in favour of mother. As a result trial goes between the widow and 15 - summer Anastasiej.

Under the will which is already recognised by court « unworthy » (in other words, counterfeit), the inheritance of the actor is issued on his wife Galina Nikolaevnu. That is why its opponents had been submitted the claim about a recognition of the will by the counterfeit. And the most interesting that Galina Evdokimova did not begin to challenge that the will - a forgery. But thus it has not expressed any desire to find the compromise, to agree with Nastej, to be exact - with her mother Hope. Simply has not wanted. Though the agreement of lawsuit would solve all disputes, and the main thing - would not make this especially family business by property of the public.

Widow Evdokimova Galina and their daughter Anna (at it on hands son Misha) do not want to divide the inheritance with an informal family of the actor.

Already you will not hide that at the national favourite, besides for a long time already « published » beauties of mulatto Inna Belovoj who has given birth to it to the son - the athlete, were still the official wife and informal... On the other hand, why also is not present? Has the right: the successful man in all senses, moreover rather well-founded. Though who would like to be the second wife if there is the first? And the first not in pleasure to learn that at the husband - the second family.

as a result of these collisions the Presnensky court considers the new claim about Galina Evdokimovoj`s recognition « the unworthy fellow-heir ». Now there is a question on purpose pocherkovedcheskoj examinations on which will precisely establish, a leah has been forged the signature of Evdokimova on documents. And as this fact to treat. The notary from Biisk which made the mysterious will, and has not sent the original of documents in the Moscow court, has not shown check in magazine. Following hearing is appointed to November.

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