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In capital there are more than apartment houses with capital repairs

to Tenants of some capital high-rise buildings it begins necessary to live in the near future on a building site. After all in their houses the mayoralty plans to carry out major repairs in 2011. The list from more than 350 addresses where kommunalshchiki will put things in order is already confirmed. It basically constructed in 60 - 70 - e years of the last century of the house in 8, 9, 12, 14 and 16 floors.

- Many of these buildings were going to repair till the end of this year, - have told « in Department of major repairs of available housing of Moscow. - but from - for shortages of money it was necessary to refuse these plans temporarily.

But now the city authorities have found 17 billion roubles on the repair for a long time promised to townspeople. And will do it in a complex. In the estimate more than 80 kinds of various works – from warming of facades before full replacement of all communications. Such repair lasts in the house on the average about half a year. For the period of works of tenants will not settle out from apartments. It turns out that they should suffer weight of inconveniences: both a painty smell, and noise, both garbage, and presence at the house of hard workers. To keep order, some tenants of repaired houses even arrange watches at the entrances.

we Publish the complete list of apartment houses in which in 2011 will take place capital repairs.